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Mega City Gujar Khan

Mega City Gujar Khan is a project by esteemed developers Earthlink and Grande. It is basically located on the main G.T Road. Mega City is a game-changing housing initiative that has been launched to improve Gujar Khan’s residential view. The project is envisioned as a large-scale modern society that exceeds customer standards in terms of wealth, luxury, and the very concept of what a ‘home’ should feel like. This endeavor is unlike anything the city has seen before, with an advanced blend of contemporary facilities and perks – and that is just the beginning. This cutting-edge neighborhood has lifted the bar for contemporary living standards in Gujar Khan, bringing it up to level with major metropolises.
Mega City Gujar Khan

Mega City Gujar Khan Developers & Owners

Earthlink and Grande are anticipated to build Mega City, Gujar Khan. With years of real estate expertise, the developers are creating a Mega City that pushes the limits of ease and affordability. The building will have a contemporary vibe thanks to modern architecture and cultural customs. Previously, the developers offered several real estate services with 100% client happiness. A highly qualified crew of specialists is hired to provide technical knowledge for the project’s growth.

The Grande and Earthlink are already well-known in Pakistan’s real estate market for guaranteeing maximum transparency. They provide exceptional services to customers, which leads to increased revenue. Both entities are all about satisfying customers in any way possible. That is why the customers trust the developers.

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Mega City Gujar Khan NOC

There is no credible information related to the NOC of Mega City yet. Investors should be very careful when deciding to invest in the housing society.

Legal status is the first thing that should be looked into first when a society is inaugurated. Approved housing societies have more pace of profit than those that are not approved. The developers are trying their best to get the society approved for the affirmation of the project as a legal housing society in Gujar Khan.

Mega City Gujar Khan Location

Mega City’s position is perfect, as it is on the main GT Road in Gujar Khan. Mega City’s prime position was specifically selected to make it easily approachable. The site is also approachable from the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Railway Line, the Tehsil Head Quarters, and the Gujar Khan Mall. As a result, investing in this home endeavor will help you achieve your ideal lifestyle.

mega city gujar khan location

Mega City Gujar Khan Location Map

Mega City Gujar Khan Nearby Landmarks

mega city gujar khan map nearby location

Mega City Gujar Khan Accessibility

Mega City Gujar Khan Master Plan

mega city gujar khan master plan
A highly skilled team of specialists with years of experience carefully designs, plans, and develops the Master Plan of Mega City. Architects, municipal planners, and developers make up the crew. The initiative is known as the “World of Infinite Possibilities,” and it promises unimaginable profits for modest expenditures. It is a cutting-edge home development with futuristic characteristics. Residents have access to all contemporary amenities. You should first spend in order to register your ideal plot. The crew is working on the project around the clock, utilizing all of their abilities. Mega City’s aim is to provide luxurious living at affordable rates. The society is also ideal for accommodating Pakistan’s growing populace while keeping costs low.

Mega City Gujar Khan Development Stage

mega city gujar khan development stage

Mega City’s growth is remarkable in that it is already ongoing and a big territory has been developed. The remainder of the land is being worked on at a breakneck speed. On the ground, nearly 100 pieces of machinery are laboring to complete the job with the anticipated standard and timeline.

Mega City Residential Plots

Mega City Commercial Plots

Mega City Gujar Khan Payment Plan

The payment plan for Mega City is affordable with an easy installment plan. The plots for sale in Mega City are exposed for booking at authorized dealers of the society. Payment plans will soon be shared with the people of the society by the developers.

Plot Size Total Price Down Payment36 Monthly Installments Every 6 Month
5 Marla 1,890,000390,00023,50077,500
7 Marla 2,690,000525,00036,50097,000
10 Marla3,690,000690,00045,000168,500
1 Kanal6,790,000990,000110,000193,500

Mega City Gujar Khan Amenities & Facilities

mega city gujar khan amenities and facilities

Mega City is full of lavish amenities and facilities at budget-friendly rates. The amenities are a component of any luxurious modern multi-purpose project, which could be referred to as a full real estate project.

Water Resources

Water is the basic life necessity of every human being. For this basic need, the housing society is trying to develop water reservoirs to store water in large amounts to be used by the residents in daily life.

Business and Commercial Hub

Health is wealth, it is a vital service that every individual is needed, so the social authorities prioritize it. The Rudn territory places a high priority on providing the best hospitalization facilities to its residents. The professional doctors and emergency services are available 24/7.

A Gated Society

mega city gujar khan a gated society
The owners are building a gated community with protection for each property. In addition, a CCTV camera will be installed in the neighborhood to record all important community activities. Furthermore, the guardians will defend the society in order to avoid any disruptions. As a result, investment in this region will be required to attain certain living standards.

Environment-Friendly Project

The proprietors of this housing project hope to disseminate vegetation with it. As a result, they intend to grow massive trees and build several botanical parks to increase the project’s viability. There would also be large parks with a green ambiance. Every area would have massive refuse dumps, and a crew of cleaners would labor to clear the garbage from every thoroughfare.

World Class Health and Educational Facilities

mega city gujar khan educational facilities
All donors will have access to a state-of-the-art medical center. Furthermore, the medical facilities will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help future residents in an emergency. Additionally, public educational schools will enable individuals to achieve their academic goals.

Why Invest in Mega City Gujar Khan?

There are numerous causes to consider investing in Mega City Gujar Khan. Mega City is the best business chance in Gujar Khan for any investor seeking to engage in a profitable enterprise. The following are some of the primary reasons to invest in Mega City:

Documents Required for Booking

Brownstone Marketing values our customers’ confidence and openness, so we suggest inquiring about the most recent documentation requirements for booking. Residential and business plots can also be reserved in other developments such as Blue World City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and Nova City Islamabad.

The following documents are required to buy property in Mega City:


The Mega City is a new in-town housing endeavor that will soon provide all inhabitants with the finest living circumstances. Furthermore, the site and the prices will be fantastic motivators for investors to engage in the first-rate housing endeavor. Furthermore, developers are well-known for their high-quality products and job proficiency. As a result, the financiers have faith in them.

Most significantly, the amenities will include high-quality infrastructure, as well as access to all necessities, health care, and education in a single protected community. Furthermore, the housing endeavor includes all of the required items for long-term and profitable living standards.

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There is no credible information related to the NOC of Mega City Gujar Khan yet. The developers will soon announce the legality of housing venture.
The plots are divided into residential and commercial plots. Residential plots include 5, 7, 10, and 14 Marla, and 1 Kanal plot. Commercial plots include 5, 6, and 8 Marla plots.
Mega City Gujar Khan is a project by esteemed developers Earthlink and Grande. It is basically located on the main G.T Road.
Mega City Gujar Khan is a project by esteemed developers Earthlink and Grande.
Mega City Gujar Khan’s position is perfect, as it is on the main GT Road in Gujar Khan.