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Brownstone marketing a top real estate marketing agency

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Trafalgar Square Blue World City

Trafalgar Square Blue World City

Blue World City is the first-ever purpose-built society in Islamabad. It is one of the best residential projects with tourist attractions. The developers of this society have this aim to build the most renowned worldwide famous tourist attractions to attract tourists.

Alongside other tourist attractions in the residential project, the developers are building Trafalgar Square inside the society to attract a large number of tourists.

Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Shan Jian City Engineering Corporation collaborated on the project. Trafalgar Square in Blue World City is a type of public space renowned for its cultural and historical importance.

About Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square was constructed in the early 1800s to honor Admiral Horatio Nelson’s triumph at the Battle of Trafalgar. The original Trafalgar Square is located in London as a public square. The square’s centerpiece is Nelson’s Column, a 51-meter (167-foot) tall monument that honors Admiral Nelson and his victory at Trafalgar. Many political meetings and marches have taken place in the plaza, including the suffragette movement and anti-war protests. This Trafalgar Square was built in Westminster and named after the battle of Trafalgar.

This renowned plaza is home to many other well-known landmarks, including the National Gallery, Nelson’s Column, and the Fourth Plinth. Furthermore, it is a well-known tourist attraction and a popular meeting place for various celebrations and protests.

This public plaza in London hosts a variety of events such as festivals, performances, and other cultural activities. There have been numerous renovations in Trafalgar Square.

Such as the growth of the modern art installations platform and the inclusion of the Fourth Plinth. As a result, Trafalgar Square is a symbol of London’s historical and cultural legacy, as well as a popular tourist location.

Why Has BWC Developed Trafalgar Square

The BWC developers are building several tourist destinations in order to promote tourism in the country. Among the Blue Mosque Blue World City, World’s Tallest Horse Mascot Blue World City, and Burj al Arab BWC Trafalgar Square is another addition to the amenities.

Salient Features of Trafalgar Square Blue World City Islamabad

Trafalgar Square is a famous and culturally significant public center in Blue World City. The developers did not replicate all of the original’s characteristics; instead, they made some changes to the layout of Blue World City Trafalgar Square.
  • Nelson’s Column

    A 51-meter-high Nelsons' column has been built to commemorate Admiral Nelson, a British military icon, and his triumph in the Battle of Trafalgar.

  • National Gallery

    The largest number of collections of Western European artworks have been put for tourists on the northern side of this public plaza in this housing society.

  • Bronze Lions

    The four bronze lions at the foot of the Nelson monument are an emblem of Britain's colonial strength.

  • Two Fountains

    To draw visitors, two spectacular and eye-catching fountains have been installed in Trafalgar Plaza in Blue World City. Furthermore, these two fountains give this public plaza a spectacular and appealing appearance.


The addition of Blue World City Trafalgar Square will bolster Pakistan’s tourist sector and revolutionize the real estate industry. Blue World City’s developers made the wise choice to construct world-famous replicas inside the housing society to draw tourists and investors.

Furthermore, if Pakistanis engage in and live in this extraordinary residential community, their quality of living will improve. This society is the best choice right now for people who want to live in a secure and peaceful atmosphere with all the luxuries at affordable prices.

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