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9k Suites Ayubia

9k Suites is situated in the center of Ayubia, Galiyat’s most beautiful location. With a breathtaking view of the Himalayas’ gorgeous peaks, serene and quiet settings, and contemporary amenities, it captures the atmosphere of both the city and natural life. Ayubia Funicular Moto Tunnel, Pipeline Track, and Ayubia National Park are all nearby. This is undoubtedly the location of your desires. The most exquisite mountain resorts for visitors built on Galiyat highest point, Ayubia, are located 25 kilometers from the clamor and activity of Murree. 9K Suites Ayubia, built at the highest height of 9,000 feet, towards Nathia Gali, takes pleasure in its ideal position, which separates two of the most beautiful natural streams.

 With a pipeline track going to Dunga Gali right next to the resort and breathtaking vistas from the backyard on the ground level, this resort town is truly unique. Ayubia temperature experiences harsh winters characterized by cold rain transforming into snow, blanketing the region until the season concludes

Ayubia, Murree

Ayubia is regarded as captivating, brilliant, and alluring. It was established in 1984 in the East corner of Abbottabad District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan.

Seven large villages including the towns of Thandiani, Nathiagali, and Khanspur surround Ayubia National Park. A resort complex called the park has been created by combining the four small resorts in Galyat’s Khaira Gali, Changla Gali, Khanspur, and Ghora Dhaka.

The park has a temperate summer temperature but a brutal winter one. While it only gets mildly hot in May and June, it gets cool in late July and early August when the monsoons start to lash. During the winter, the cold gets progressively worse until west winds bring rain, which eventually turns to snow. Through the end of winter, the park is covered in snow.


The park holds 104 species of plants. There are 23 mammals, 203 birds, and 13 hereto-fauna in the park. The 1975 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Act established the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Department as the park’s manager. The park’s administrative center is located in Dunga Gali which is 50 kilometers from Abbottabad and 25 kilometers from Murree.

Developers of 9K Suites

Muqtadir Qazi stands out prominently among the developers of the 9K Suites Ayubia, leading a team of professionals with extensive expertise in the real estate sector. With years of hands-on experience, the team is adept at meticulous project design, planning, and development. The focus of the 9K Suites Ayubia developers is to bring forth a unique project in the prime location of Galiyat, encompassing a comprehensive array of facilities and amenities. This project is set to redefine standards in the region with its distinctive features and strategic positioning.Top of Form

Ayubia – Nearby Tourist Spots

9k Suites ayubia Nearby location

Over 100,000 visitors visit Ayubia National Park and the surrounding areas each year, despite being located about 26 kilometers from Murree Hill Station, a popular tourism destination. It has many popular gathering areas. It gathers everything, from Ayubia markets to renowned tourist attractions.

The “Pipeline Walking Track” in this national park spans a distance of 4 kilometers from Ayubia to Nathiagali.

Around the area, there are numerous hotels and eateries. In addition to horseback riding paths, hiking trails, picnic areas, and hotels, Ayubia Point also has a chairlift that transports visitors to Mushkhpuri, a nearby summit where they can see the surrounding forested hills. The first leisure facility of its kind in Pakistan, this chairlift is still a top destination for domestic travelers. This is where the PTDC hotel is.

Ideal Location of 9K Suites

9k Suites Ayubia Ideal Location

9K Suites is located 50 meters from Ayubia Chair lift & at 5 minutes walking distance of Ayubia National Park and is opposite PTDC Motel Ayubia. Live in tranquility while taking in the beautiful scenery and the perfect weather you can discover your ideal vacation home or tranquil retreat at 9K Suites Ayubia. Airbnb Rental Company the best Galiyat location to stay in is 9K Suites Ayubia. The location is accessible all year long, regardless of heat waves or significant precipitation.

Nearby Location

9K Suites Ayubia Master Plan

9k Suites Ayubia Master Plan

9K Suites is a residential project introduced by Muqtadir Qazi in Ayubia Murree. A highly skilled team of specialists with years of experience carefully designs, plans, and develops the Master Plan of 9K Suites. Architects, municipal planners, and developers make up the crew. It is a cutting-edge home development with futuristic characteristics.

Residents have access to all contemporary amenities. You should first spend in order to register your ideal suite. The crew is working on the project around the clock, utilizing all of their abilities.

9K Suite’s aim’s to provide luxurious living at affordable rates. The society is also ideal for accommodating Pakistan’s growing populace while keeping costs low.


All things considered, 9K Suites looks like a good investment prospect for both investors and residents.

9k Suites is centrally situated in Ayubia, Galiyat's most beautiful location, near Ayubia chairlift, Moto Tunnel, Pipeline Track, and Ayubia National Park.

Yes, 9K Suites Ayubia has received approval from the Galiyat District Authority (GDA), confirming its legal status and safety for investment.


9k Suites Ayubia Amenities and facilities

Our 24/7 security solution is meticulously designed to ensure your peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – nurturing your startup’s growth. With a vigilant team and cutting-edge technology, we maintain a constant watch over the premises, safeguarding your workspace and assets.

Our Front Desk and Lobby at 9K Suites are your introduction to a realm of high professionalism and comfort. With a dedication to creating lasting impressions, our welcoming front desk team ensures each interaction is marked by personalized attention and efficiency.

9K Suites offers a robust electricity backup system. With power fluctuations becoming a thing of the past, our advanced backup infrastructure steps in seamlessly to keep your operations running smoothly. Whether it’s a critical presentation, a client meeting, or a pivotal work session, you can rely on our electricity backup to provide unwavering support.

At 9K Suites, we understand that a clean and organized environment is essential for your productivity and well-being. Our dedicated housekeeping team ensures regular cleaning routines to prompt responses to specific needs.

At 9K Suites, we prioritize your convenience and comfort. Our modern elevators redefine vertical mobility, ensuring swift and seamless transitions between levels. Whether you’re embarking on a new day, or exploring the premises, our elevators offer a hassle-free experience.

With safety and efficiency at the forefront, you can navigate 9K Suites effortlessly, knowing that our elevators are designed to enhance your overall experience.

Rustic designs focus on raw, natural beauty. It focuses on natural, rough, and aged elements that incorporate a sense of peace and simplicity in a space.

One of the goals of investing in real estate is to get a positive return on the investment when the investor decides to sell the property in the future. You’ll get a chance for higher-than-market value appreciation.

Ayubia Murree is at a high altitude with a lot of tourist spots. One of them is the hiking trail for the people to explore the beauty of the area.

The facility of modern fitting is also available by the developers to ensure aesthetics. From sleek fixtures to stylish finishes, our commitment to contemporary elegance.

Experience the epitome of comfort in our En-suite cozy bedrooms at 9K Suites. Each bedroom is a private retreat, thoughtfully designed to envelop you in a warm embrace of relaxation. The en suite arrangement ensures your privacy and convenience, creating a space where you can unwind and recharge in the utmost comfort.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful night’s rest or a rejuvenating escape, our cozy bedrooms offer the perfect retreat within your own living space.

Experience the luxury of a personal outdoor haven at 9K Suites. Our apartments are thoughtfully designed to include private terraces, allowing you to step outside and unwind amidst the tranquility of your own space. Whether it’s savoring your morning coffee, enjoying a breath of fresh air, or simply taking a moment to yourself, these private terraces provide a seamless extension of your living area. Enjoy the freedom to connect with nature and find solace right at your doorstep, elevating your living experience to new heights.

9K Suites provide secure, stress-free, and ample parking space knowing that your vehicle is securely accommodated. Whether you’re a tenant or a visitor our spacious parking area ensures that finding a spot is never a concern.

Discover a world above and beyond at 9K Suites. With rooftop access offering breathtaking scenic views, you have the opportunity to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Our rooftop is a haven for inspiration and relaxation, providing you with a serene environment to unwind, reflect, and gather your thoughts. Whether it’s taking in the cityscape, soaking in the sunset, or finding a moment of clarity amidst nature, our rooftop access invites you to elevate your perspective and experience a new dimension of tranquility.

Payment Plans

The payment plan is very flexible at 2.5 years with 30 down payments and a 25% down payment.

  1. Premium will be charged for prime location.
  2. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  3. 5% discount on full payment.
  4. Processing fee PKR 10,000 (Non-refundable) for Studio & Deluxe units only.
  5. Processing fee PKR 15,000 (Non-refundable) for Premium & Executive units only.
  6. Terms and conditions apply as per the Booking form.

Deluxe Apartment Payment Plan

Premium Apartment Payment Plan

Executive Apartment Payment Plan

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