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Pearl Square Residency

Pearl Square Residency provides you with the best example of living the high lifestyle standard in Islamabad, its scenic and natural soothing environment makes you feel calm. This company has proven renowned for its ability to follow through on its promises and establish successful projects.

The pearl square Islamabad is located in a tranquil area, its conveniences to the multiple luxury facilities that are close to the park, hospital, schools, and more.

It is designed to provide you with a fantastic facility that is equipped with quick access to the gym, children’s play area, and cutting-edge security to make you feel safer and more secure. The scenic pearl  Residency helps you to get affordable and accessible apartments for sale in Islamabad on installment options or payment plans.

Pearl Square Residency

Owners and Developers:

Great company developers develop the Pearl Residency. This housing society is accompanied by the real estate developer, and they are well known for their best quality infrastructure development.

Pearl Square Residency Location: 

The location of this delicate residence pearl square Islamabad is situated at a prime location near the H594+Q88 Bahria Lifestyle, Block A Islamabad, Punjab, Pakistan. It provides close access that makes it more attractive for investors and residents. Its map is easy to approach.

Pearl Square Residency Location

Is Pearl Square have a high standard for new modern living?

This one is the smart housing project that leads to providing you with upscale accommodation. It’s affordably secure for your future with us! You can live an exquisite style of living standard, peace of mind, and security with the safest and latest security system. This residency provides you with a fantastic chance to live a scenic and tranquil lifestyle.

Luxury Apartments:

Luxury apartments at Pearl Square Residency

This residence square provides you with the best way to get your apartments with redefined luxury and upheld residency. These apartments with full of amenities and constructed with a new modern style. It is serene, delicate, and presentable, with well-established space in each area. It looks meticulous with desirable facilities that you could ever have got.

There are different types of an apartment on sale in Islamabad plans you can choose the best you want according to your family, so don’t get worried you get the high-quality facilities in each apartment. They are airy, abundant lounging spaces and trendy interiors.

Apartments Installments:

Is a luxury apartment for sale in Islamabad? You get the most elegant and pristine form apartments, and you will get your own with the convenient installments, there are different styles of apartment, and you will get the more luxury and meticulous in showing and presentable as well. 

Their design is more delicate with the scenic view, and you will surely get the peace of mind and get the safest securities measure.

These apartments have the convenience of paying their installments, it has all the best features according to your demands. It’s the chance for the investor to get their investments. It has high-quality selling points and other features.

These premium apartments are luxurious to get at an affordable price and make your property, just to pay the accessible installments, the structure of the building is meticulously designed to fulfil the standard of your choice.

To get the opportunity, we welcome you to get your apartments, and we will surely help you in this regard.

They offer the best luxury bedrooms and a complete trendy interior that individuals require to live the best lifestyle.


3 Bedroom – Type A







Installments plans for Penthouse

Pearl Square Residency Penthouse

These best-selling apartments on installments in Islamabad provide you with the chance to make them your ideal modern style apartments. In this area, there is good commodities and services area. The parks, schools, colleges, and universities and also for the foodies the nearby restaurants, and also providing you the major health facilities in Islamabad, it’s just 15-minutes reach towards the destination of pearl residency from the drive point. 

Make it today until you lose it, have fun with the ideal living style facilities and secure your future for your family and loved ones. 

Facilities & Amenities:

Pearl Square Residency Islamabad is a well-planned residential apartment that offers modern facilities and luxurious amenities with a joyful life. 

Following some of the amenities offered by pearl square residency.



Pearl Square Residency Mosque

Among all those basic facilities, the mosque is an essential part of the master plan so the residents can pray and make a strong relationship with the creator of the whole universe and be thankful to have all these blessings. A beautiful mosque in society for the residents to offer their prayers. 

Gated Community:

Safety and security are the priority of each resident. They feel secure whether it might be day or night safety comes first, so the investors or residents will be surely interested in investing in society. The CCTV cameras, security guards, and a central security command centre maintain high – standards and strict security for the residents’ safety. 

Wide carpeted Roads:

The streets and roads are considered the most essential they have to be safe and spacious commute, and the fortified system is upgraded. The street and roads are laid with high-tech security and emerge with street lights systems. The innovation and advancement make it more attractive for investors.

Recreational parks:

Society takes care of all its residents by providing them with the recreational parks and spots to make them feel like a green fresh, relaxed, and eco-friendly environment for the people living in Pearl Square Residency

Medical facilities:

Society is going to provide you with all the world-class health care and medical facilities for the residents. Hospitals and clinics will give high-tech health care and emergency facilities with high professional doctors and para-medic staff.

Pearl Square Residential features:

Pros & cons

Following pros and cons may clear your understanding of the premium quality of pearl Residencial Islamabad.



Some of the images of the residential apartment will surely lead you to avail this chance.

Pearl Square Residency Apartment Rooms

Everything you’ve ever dreamed of can be found at pearl residential apartments. With these amazing, lavish-style apartments, you’ll surely enjoy the best quality of life in your apartments. These apartments are primarily designed for you, and they will introduce you to a superior lifestyle. We will provide the flexibility while paying your installments for lavish apartments and enjoying the luxury residential accommodation, the apartments are the place for you to stay.

The exquisite apartments provide the conveniences you’re searching for making it more pleasant by staying together and living a serene lifestyle.


The luxurious housing society Pearl square residency is situated at an ideal location near H594+Q88 Bahria Lifestyle, Block A Islamabad.

Pearl Square Residency provides you with the best example of living the high lifestyle standard in Islamabad, its scenic and natural soothing environment makes you feel calm. These premium apartments are luxurious to get at an affordable price and make your property, just to pay the accessible installments, the structure of the building is meticulously designed to fulfil the standard of your choice.

It is an NOC approved project which gives various options for investors. It provided a very suitable investment plan for the best luxurious land and apartments.

  • High-tech security system
  • Recreational area
  • CCTV camera, gated community with security gates and guards
  • Green, innovation housing society
  • Penthouse