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BWC Sports Valley Block

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Blue World City Sports Valley:

Blue World City is a vast project rapidly transitioning the land into a magnificent place. The organization aims to build a massive undertaking by providing Pakistan’s first-ever purpose-built tourist destination. Everything in this stunning housing project is being developed according to modern living and entertainment standards. The next upcoming venture will be held in BWC the Sports Valley Block to create a benchmark, the wonderful tourist point in Pakistan. The announcement of this block creates curiosity among investors because this block has unique features and a modern residential sector. Sports block will offer the perfect place to live, especially for sports lovers, with the provision of a cutting-edge cricket stadium and beautifully manicured roadways. Sports complexes, grounds, gymnasiums, and sports centers will emerge the beauty in this aesthetic community. This block is an ideal place that is the perfect mixture of convenience and luxury.

The Prime Location of Sports Valley:

The location is the initial step, as the BWC Sports valley block is situated in Blue World City Islamabad at the busiest intersection; this block will become the most sought-after destination in this beautiful city. The location of this block provides insight into the brilliance of this housing scheme. This whole landscape will enhance the glory and uniqueness of this block. This sports block location is 208 feet wide

Sports Valley Map Location

Main Boulevard is connected to Defence Road; it provides direct access from Defence Road. This block is situated right next to the General Block and Overseas block. They aim to allocate this block in the map at the central and idyllic presence in the Blue World City. The waterfront block is placed at its one end, whereas the overseas and General Block is placed next.

For the extension of the new sports block, the NOC of this respective has been submitted. They are officially hopeful that the NOC for the sports Valley will be approved soon.

Master Plan of BWC Sports Valley Block:

The master plan of the community has been carefully and aesthetically designed, and a block has been planned for sports enthusiasts across the country. The organization has received approval from the respective authorities to build the biggest Cricket stadium in Pakistan, where the seating capacity is approx. 55,000 persons. This block has its specialty in that it holds the sports arenas and multiple entertainment hubs to provide its inhabitants with the ultimate sports living standard. Blue World City new update about launching the grand sports attraction point under one spot in the new sports valley block and also updated the new rates of Blue World City.

Payments Plans of Sports Valley:

Residential assets in the sports block are available in multiple sizes 5, 8, and 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plot sizes will be available in an ideal place for living purposes. Even though Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium and attractive sports complexes make it the best place for the inhabitants, the development of the residential sector is also an essential aspect of the sports valley block. The payment plans of this residential sector become launched, and it is easier to understand why this venture was getting fame before its development.

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Residential Plots for Sale in BWC Sports Valley

5 Marla Plot of BWC Sports Valley:

The total cost of the 5 Marla in the sports block is fixed at 2,200,000/-. The price is cost-effective compared to luxury facilities developed on the block. After the successful completion of the 4-year installments, you become the owner of the plot.

8 Marla Plot of BWC Sports Valley:

The most economical payment plan is the issue from the management of the BWC Sport valley. You can buy the 8 Marla plot at once by paying the total cost of 3 380,000/-. Or you can opt to pay the installments of 4 years and first register your property by only paying the down payment for booking the plot.

10 Marla Plot of BWC Sports Valley:

The 10 Marla residential plot is accessible at 4,125 000/-. The plots rates is very affordable as compared to its superb facilities and the mesmerizing location of the BWC in the capital territory. If you have enough expenses, you can opt for this land by paying its down payment 281,250/-.After this, pay the 4-year payment plan of sports valley.

1 Kanal Plot of BWC Sports Valley:

The ideal place to register your plot in this meticulous place of twin cities is not just a dream now. Sports Valley Block in BWC Islamabad is offering the grand offer of 1 Kanal residential plot in just 7,700,000/-. You can also start buying this land by creating a four-year payment plan, just paying the down payment as low as 525,000/-

Payment plan of BWC Sports Valley block

Facilities in Sports Valley:

Sports valley in BWC will be the high-class sector of society due to the Sports Valley facilities. The management has added every latest amenity into the mix to create the best real estate recipe. With the texture soothing and relaxing. Every splendid convenience and facility you will find, from Pakistan’s latest stadium to sports-themed restaurants, will be the epitome of magnificence.Brownstone Marketing always tries to bring you the best. All the blocks in BWC are kept in view to construct with the modern living standard. We suggest you invest in this contemporary housing scheme in Blue World City Islamabad, the grand name of Sports Valley Block. Just take a look at the mesmerizing features of this block in BWC.

Biggest Cricket Stadium:

The Blue City management is trying to construct a sports arena in the sports valley block. This ground will be Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium, with 55,000 spectaculars. This great city is building a state-of-the-art cricket arena for sports-loving people. This stadium is not established only for cricket stadium and entertainment purposes. It will be available for all activities by management.

Torch Hotel:

The whole world will be surprised after seeing this ideal construction of the blue world city sports complex. This time they aim to fulfill this promise and come back with a unique development. The Blue City will develop a luxury hotel named Torch Hotel, which the Torch Hotel of Doha inspires. The hotel is established with the most famous restaurants in Pakistan and living apartments. It will become an eye-catching view with elegant beauty and charm.

Villaggio Mall:

The following magnificent establishment of the exuberant Villaggio Mall, in Blue World City Sports Valley. This block is in sync with extraordinary in Doha. It is the masterpiece in the sports block. The mall will provide a shopping experience that you have not seen this Villaggio Mall anywhere else in Pakistan.

Commercial Hubs:

Apart from providing world-class infrastructure, BWC will finalize the construction of the commercial Hubs in the sports valley. Entertainment centers, joy land, commercial hubs, and many other activity centers will be a part of this fabulous structure.

Cycling tracks:

As sports Valley brings a new version of living a healthy lifestyle, various hiking or cycling trails, parks, and sports clubs signify to live a hale and hearty living standard. Investors can feel blissful, and being close to nature makes them feel lively. We all become fed up with living the same routine life; that’s why organizations provide a wide range of feasible facilities to get off the beaten path and enjoy natural scenic views.

Recreational Parks

Community residents will have access to recreational parks that will facilitate the development of a daily routine and habit of physical activity. Furthermore, investors will enjoy a blissful and natural living experience in the community. This investment, therefore, contributes to attaining fitness-friendly and high-end living goals.

Replica of the Blue Mosque

The Block is located near a replica of the Blue Mosque, which is one of the most prominent attractions in Blue World City. Moreover, mosques are mandatory and of paramount importance to all Muslim communities. Therefore, a replica of the Blue Mosque will be built in the community to enhance the serenity and assist the prospective residents in fulfilling their religious goals.

Hub for commercial activity

Blue World City Sports Valley is committed to making its residents financially independent. For this reason, the Block offers investors a wide range of commercial investment opportunities at highly affordable rates. The retail area demonstrates the developers’ commitment to providing everyone with the most satisfactory possible living conditions. There will be a variety of plot sizes available, all of which will be affordable. As a result, it is financially beneficial to create this Block.

Open Air Gym

To increase the quality of life for all investors, an open-air gym will be provided in the community. By becoming community members, future residents will have the opportunity to achieve their fitness goals. All residents have access to this facility, which has top-of-the-line amenities. Additionally, all investors should have quality time and healthy living experiences with their families.

Hockey Field:

How can the BWC forget the Pakistan National Game? With the cricket enthusiasts of Pakistan, the administration has imported a top-quality hockey field it will cater to the needs of hockey players. The quality of the domain is so high that our country can arrange international tournaments here. The BGCs other projects also offer the same amenities and features and have the same impact on investors. Blue Town or Lahore’s smart city is a beautiful example of real estate in Lahore. The construction is rapidly no opening now in BWC. Avail of the great opportunity to join this grand blue venture.

Sports Valley Smart Features and Amenities:

Sport valley block offers innovative features with meticulous amenities. Blue World City is famous for keeping up with the multiple attractions BWC incorporates; this gaming valley is beyond your expectation. The sports valley offers top-class, luxurious, and modern facilities with top-notch architecture. The following features are:
  • Community clubs
  • Dedicated Entrance
  • Security Surveillance 24/7
  • Health and medical facilities
  • Educational sectors
  • Underground Power supply system
  • Water and Gas 24/7
  • Wide Carpeted Roads
  • Sparkling streetlights and Greenbelts
  • Maintenance Service
  • Recreational areas and park
  • Hiking trails
  • Sports Complex
  • Sewerage System

Why Invest in BWC Islamabad Sports Valley:

There are multiple reasons to invest in BWC Sports Valley Block the great offer is the various sizes of plots, with easy down payments. The down payment starts from 7.5%, an attractive option for investors and buyers with an easy 4-year payment plan.  For any residential society, some of the best reason for investment that includes trusted owners, location, affordability, developers and on-ground development, top–class facilities, and attraction with high ROI.

How to Book a Plot in BWC Sports Valley:

The procedure is simple book a plot in BWC sports vale, and register your property with just a 7.5% down payment with an easy 4-year payment plan. For the booking of the plot, the following credential is required:
  • Complete the booking form
  • 2 Passport size picture of client
  • 2 CNIC copies of client
  • Pay order receipt or down payment cheque

Pros & Cons:

Every society has to face the following pros & cons, even the sports valley sector attached with pros & cons: The following pros of sports block in BWC:
  • Ideal Location
  • Spacious land
  • Trusted and well-known owners and developers
  • Affordable and convenient payment plan
  • Top class facilities
  • Attractions & amenities
The following Cons of BWC sports valley:
  • Distant from main Islamabad
  • NOC will be approved soon

Bottom Line:

This grand project of Blue World City Islamabad, the developer, come back again with excellent Sport Vale. The block is located right next to the General and Overseas block. The waterfront block lies on the next end. The development procedure is rapidly moving forward with success. The spacious land dedicated to the sports valley is 8921 Kanal. The society best things its meticulous amenities and attractive sports points. With the magnificent offer for the investors and buyers, Brownstone recommends you to invest and get the best opportunity with mesmerizing features. Especially for the sports enthusiast to book their plot with a 7.5% down payment and be a part of this grand venture of BWC. The great place to live, for more updates, contact us at 0331-1111045 or visit our website.

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