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Villagio Mall Blue World City

Blue World City by Blue Group of Companies is the world’s first purpose-built tourism city. It is constructed according to the international standards and includes world-class buildings and comforts. This city will see the development of several famous attractions models of world tourist destinations. 

The Villaggio Galleria is one of these sites. Yeah, you read that correctly. Blue World City will build a copy of the Villaggio Mall with cutting-edge infrastructure and design. 

About Villagio Mall

Doha, the capital city of Qatar, has the most luxurious shopping mall in the world, named Villagio Mall. This retail center provides an internationally known shopping experience, and visitors can rediscover a distinct shopping practice. 

This mall debuted in 2006 and is one of the country’s most famous shopping locations. It has a diverse selection of premium merchants, such as jewelry stores, designer apparel labels, and home furnishings stores. There are also several cafes, eateries, and a theatre. The mall’s layout is modeled on Italian village architecture, hence the moniker “Villaggio,” which means “village” in Italian.

The mall is known for its unique features and architecture, including an model of Venice’s famous St. Mark’s bell tower, a waterway with gondolas running through the middle of the Villaggio Mall, and a “Magic Island,” a sizeable interior amusement park. This complex is one of Doha’s most famous visitor sites, particularly for those interested in high-end eating and shopping. It is also a typical hangout for residents and ex-pats in the city.

In the Sports Valley, the Blue World City developers are building the same complex with the same amenities. Let’s look at some distinctive characteristics of the Villaggio mall in BWC.

Salient Features of BWC Villaggio Mall

Villaggio Mall in BWC is a fantastic retail and leisure complex. It also has a two-story retail center, an outdoor Italian hamlet, a world-class cinema theatre, and a luxury hotel. The following are some of the most notable characteristics of BWC Villaggio Mall: 

Italian Influenced Construction

The Mall’s architecture is based on an Italian town, with features such as a waterway flowing through the middle of the Mall with gondolas and a copy of Venice’s renowned St. Mark’s bell tower.

Luxury Retailers

The Mall also has a variety of luxury merchants, such as jewelry stores, name apparel labels, and home furnishings stores. 

Restaurants & Cafes

Blue World City has restaurants and cafes throughout the housing society and Mall. The restaurants and cafes offer national and international cuisines. 


A multiplex theatre, a bowling facility, and an indoor games section are available at the Villaggio Mall. Throughout the week, there are also music and amusement events.

Food Court

A sizable food center with various casual eating and fast food choices is available.

Magic Island

The Magic Island is an indoor amusement park with appeals such as a roller coaster, carousel, and other rides. 


A bowling alley, gaming room, and ice hockey arena are also available for amusement.


An opulent spa, cosmetic studio, and fitness center can be found at Blue World City Villaggio Mall. In addition, there are swimming areas, a running track, and an exercise facility.


The area has a large parking area to accommodate many visitors. 


Villaggio Mall also provides various services such as currency exchange, ATMs, and a post office.

Business Management

The Mall also caters to business needs and supplies meeting and conference spaces, along with a business center.


The construction of the Villaggio Mall in Blue World City is a significant move towards the owners’ aim of transforming Pakistan’s real estate sector. The Mall will not only increase tourism but will also aid in bettering the country’s fiscal circumstances. As a result, it is advantageous for buyers to engage in a project that will provide the greatest return on investment in the future. 

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