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Park View City Overview

If you want to live in an ideal place then your best destination is here  Park View City Islamabad which makes your life up to its slogan “where dreams come true”. It provides you with a perfect plan for families who wants to live in a family-friendly environment, it fulfills residents’ desire and luxurious needs.  It’s a secure place with exquisite views and a futuristic vision.

Owners and Developers of Park View City:

Park View City Islamabad, is designed with high-tech technology and modern architecture by the vision group. It becomes Islamabad’s most desirable place where you live the ideal living style. This one is considered the vision group’s first project in Islamabad. The senior and active person who owned this project by Aleem khan member of PTI.

Park View City Prime Location:

Location is the one that comes first in your mind, isn’t it far away? No, this Park view city Islamabad location seems to be the most elegant, and desirable place. Its breathtaking view and futuristic vision provide you the best chance to make it yours. Its location is just far away from the pollution and scrutiny of noise, it’s the best choice to get your residence at this meticulous place.
Park View City Islamabad Location

Access Roads:

The Park View City location is placed in the middle of the Botanical glorious garden. Its primary entrance is from, Rawat chowk, and from gate 2, BharaKhau is its entryway. The CDA has approved a 200-feet-wide road for the huge project. This place is spread out across 7000 Kanal of land that includes many commercial and residential complexes, which will attract all the social norms.

Park View City Islamabad NOC

Park View City NOC (NO Objection Certification) will be soon approved by the CDA (Capital Development Authority). It will be completely approved by legal authority. For any housing society, the legal authority is more important to build the resident’s trust and providing them serene environment.
Park View City Islamabad NOC

Park View City Map:

Park View city of Islamabad is scenically Bahira enclave and lies adjacent to the commission park enclave. It is easy access to reach Bani Gala and Chak Shahzad, and also Kashmir highway and Islamabad highway are close enough to reach your destination. Park View City the sector map is located on Molat Road, which is nearly accessible from Kurri Road Islamabad. This society seems to be the most serene and exquisite green views of Bani Gala, about 15 minutes away from the main Islamabad city. Park View City map also provides you to get the exact view to reach your destination safely, this will help out to not get muddled about your desired place. The Islamabad sector map provides you the facility to make your home place in a different society leads to enhancing the natural beauty of this project because the presence of the Botanical Garden, enhances the beauty and peaceful environment for the residents of park view city.

A Plot For Sale in Park View City Islamabad at Ideal Prices?

This amazing project provides you the chance to get your plot on sale in Islamabad, on an installments basis, their project is to make every individual have their own dream house at the best place of foliage with the natural beauty of the boulevard, with breathtaking views make you feel calm and peaceful.

The Mission of Park View City:

Their mission is to provide the best place which any society can offer, their innovative ideas that where your dreams come true, these sophisticated deals will surely give you trustworthy ideas to get your plot, it is the best way for investors to make investment plans with us and also for the resident to make their ideal home where you feel safe and secure, the amazing amenities, so cooperate with the best real estate housing society, where our goal is to build our customer’s expectation on exceed level, nothing has been more delicate and fulfilling except to see our hard work pay off in the form of happiest families should be feeling safe and secure, enjoy the best way of ideal living style as their actual right is to live happily.

Park View City 3.5 Marla Plot:

Park View City Islamabad recently offered the 3.5 marla plot in block K. According to the growing demands, they offered these plots at an extremely low amount. Park view city offers 2 Year payment plan: Installments plans of plots in park view Islamabad

Project Details of Park View City:

Park View City project details are to inform you of all the basics that how the park view sector or blocks divide in alphabetical order, these two are the main commercial and the residential blocks. The different quantity of Marla is divided according to the alphabetical block.

Following these plots, you can choose according to your choice the best in location, their synthetic view and serene views make you feel better to live the desirable and modern living style.

Park View City Installments and Payments Plans:

The installments and payments plan of park view city has been designed conveniently for your future home and investors. The down payments start from 10 to 30% the rest of the balance is due in 8 equal installments quarterly over two years. Different plots for sale in park view city Islamabad provide you avail this chance, these plots are a blend of luxury and serene, breathtaking views because this place offered you the best market prices which any other society offered,

Installments Plans of Plots in Park View Islamabad

Ideal price:

Park View City Islamabad plot price gives you an amazing offer to enjoy your lavish style of living with high-tech facilities. Think today, about your family the ideal place where you feel safe and secure. This society is presented as an impeccable housing society with its best location, prices facilities, and amenities with the bright concept, that where your dreams come true. Their prices are more convenient for any resident to fulfill their dream and have their ideal home in park view city.

Park views city Islamabad provides the splendor of an amazing housing society with meticulous facilities and great vision. Their concept is great and the residents will feel like mascots for having their home place here. Their distinct experience and mind-blowing functions will emerge to make your living style with impressive amenities.

Imax cinemas:

For your luxury and entertainment purposes, the society will provide you the magnificent Cinemax with IMAX, and the 3D technology will provide you the idealist cinematic experience.

Parks and Zoo:

The facility of parks, zoos, and recreational areas will surely provide you with fun activities, these enjoyment plans are not for some specific ages, you all are welcome to enjoy in an eco-friendly environment.

Commercial Walk:

Get your best feature brand at your place, these amazing well -known retail brands, will surely meet all your basic needs while giving you the best shopping place easy to get, and it’s fun to experience these possibilities at your place.

The community Center and Club:

The community center and the clubs like all the facilities you will enjoy at the same place, just get a chance to enjoy the variety of outdoor and indoor sports like swimming pools, bowling, snooker, tennis, cricket, and golf.

Hospitals & Health Care Center

As health is wealth, hospitals and health care centers are an integral part of any society, they will construct to facilitate the residents for the health issue, their service is available 24 hours with the latest technologies and equipment.


In any sector, Education is most important, the educational institutions will be set up to offer society the best curriculum close to the residential blocks, to ensure that they will provide you with the best educational system where your children get knowledge under the great supervision of teachers and honorable staff.


The beautiful mosque is presented as making a strong relationship with the creature of the whole universe, and offering prayers, be thankful to have these blessings, their remarkable structure and design will emerge the beauty of this society, and all of the necessary amenities have been provided. Their focus on the cleanliness and sanitation of each resident they feel serene.

Electricity Water and Gas

The park view city Islamabad society will surely provide you with the precedence amount of all resources available within 24 hrs. park view city seems to be blessed as compared to other societies, they have underground water, and its presence is of utmost importance for all. The availability of water at only 50 feet of the ground and the Gumrah river passing through the region also ensure the facility of water is sufficiently enough accessible for society. For saving purposes, society provides the access to store water through an underground water tank storage system. The society also has the plan to build its Dam for the purpose of collecting water and then usage of water for all the society’s residents.

Gated Community:

For all other aspects, the high-tech security system will be provided through video surveillance systems and CCTV cameras. Park views city secure the society through boundary wall which is gated neighbor surrounded by covering of their sides. The rest of the societies are not covered completely, even park view society provides you a completely secure barred side that is close to the national forest area. Security ensures you invest without any hurdles, you will surely get the higher fortified society ever.

Zone without load shedding:

To ensure the residents of this park view city, to provide you the best chance to live in a scenic and tranquil place, the development of water dams has begun, to get their electric power system to not face hurdles in the future. Provide an impressive way of living standard to all residents.

Underground electricity:

The load shedding and the power shortage reflect the basic threat for any business across the country. Whereas the park view city Islamabad provides you with an exquisite way of living, through an underground system of electricity, and this system will be upgraded to sure that the power will be on all the time. The load shedding and the power shortage reflect the basic threat for any business across the country. Whereas the park view city Islamabad provides you with an exquisite way of living, through an underground system of electricity, and this system will be upgraded to sure that the power will be on all the time.


For keeping the eye on, the safety measure should be up to date the CCTV cameras is installed throughout the society, the society’s essential purpose is to provide the security to each resident.

Elegant Plan for Housing and modern infrastructure:

An elegant housing plan with a modern infrastructure will be more appealing when its green nature emerges its beauty in all societies. This amazing project seems to be meticulous, unlike any other landmark project.

Art and craft development:

Their artistic factors enhance this place’s beauty more, to make it different from the majestic landmark and the craftsmanship emerging its modern civilization concept in Pakistan

Park View City Apartments:

Park View City Islamabad Apartments

Apartments in park view city Islamabad on sale? Can I get my apartment in this serene place? In these impressive apartments, the residents will be enjoying the upscale standard of modern living style. These meticulous, luxury apartments are equipped with the amazing amenities of a fitness center, swimming pool, convince store, laundry facilities, and much more according to your ideal apartments.

Botanical Garden:

Park View City Islamabad Garden

To enhance the beauty of this park view society that will attract the residents to get their home place at this beautiful and impressive place, its breathtaking view, green refreshing environment make you feel relaxed and far away from the hustle and bustle of life, it will make society more superior then from the rest of location and sites.

The green, refreshing location will be the cooperation of the huge assortment of the gardens, plants, and the different collections of plants around the globe. Enjoy your healthy life with the luxury project of park view city Islamabad, where your dreams come true.

Park View City Golf Estate:

Park View City Golf Estate

The most meticulous and presentable with scenic views launched for the first time the Golf estate. Only park view Islamabad society presents the most adorable landscape like nowhere you can see in any other society. The golf estate is located at a beautiful place that is adjacent to the main Bahria enclave, easy to access from Gate-2 of the park view society.

The Parkview city golf estate presents you with the best way to get rid of the hustle and bustle life of the city and make your living style luxurious.  The addition of Margala Hills beauty makes this environment more impressive and refreshing with the beauty of these stunning views. The Golf estate is no doubt to design heaven on earth for the Golf enthusiasts.

This project offers you all the luxuries and needs that any residence demands, including the commercial areas for the residences. The park view city presents for the first time in twin cities the art of luxurious and impressive views. on the map of Islamabad, the 9-hole course with addition yo make it prominent.

This park view city golf estate, is a perfect combination of comfort, luxury, and world-class amenities offered at the affordable and best market prices in the industry of real estate. The golf estate offers a wide range of residential plots and the followings are:

Park View City Golf Estate Payment Plan:

Park view city presents a golf estate payment plan with affordable prices and flexible installments. All the plots were given based on a first –come first serve. The rest of the plot sizes will be launched soon. The date will be launched soon to book your plots.  The prices of the plot will be rises after some time.

You can easily booked your plots by just paying the down payment of just 25%. the rest of the dues will be paid after the down payment that could be paid in 8 quarterly installments. The rest of the charges include:

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block

Parkview city presents the best international standard lifestyle for the overseas community, it is a dynamic housing project that will be reached on the demands of everyone. Their project is going to be upheld day by day. The new accumulation of the project for the overseas community is the park view city overseas block, this one is the most advanced and prestigious project, where everyone wants to get their homeplace, the ideal living style for all. Their project aims to meet the international housing standards, its one is catered as a magnificent project. The planners have designed and architect the block with the most advanced technology and amenities to make an environment most desirable and exceptional living standard for the overseas Pakistanis. For seeking an identity, the overseas Pakistani demand and need are to have the particular block, where they can have faith to invest their amount on the best vision for their recognition, identity, the safest and security measure. They not only offer the residence place but also provides you the opportunity to invest in a variety of business to avail these opportunities. Their essential properties are our first right to make them valuable and trustworthy for them. After getting the successful reviews from the blue world city and the capital smart city the trend of the overseas block comes is in trending position in Islamabad.

Park View City Location of Overseas Block:

The location of this block is the most scenic view in the prime area of the park view city near Gate-1. The commercial downtown is placed nearest to this block and also they offer the residents to invest in the fruitful place except to invest in the elite living style. Amenities: Apart from this meticulous place, the block will be able to meet the needs of the residents of this society.
Park View City Islamabad Amenities

Payment plan of Park View City Overseas Block:

The Park View City Islamabad offers 5 marla and 10 marla residential plots for the interested buyer in the overseas block with a flexible payment schedule.

How to book a plot in an overseas block?

Overseas block offered the most affordable prices with the relaxation of paying the three–year easy installments. If you want to book your plot just contact the brownstone marketing with your credentials.

The exact map location will be revealed for the overseas block within a month or two, the investment is most fruitful and beneficial in this block. Their plots prices are low but their development scope is immense.

For investment purposes, park view city overseas block is the safest and most secure way to invest for your loved ones.

The Parkview city Islamabad society is going to speed up its project development, to deliver the best schedule for its investors. The pros and cons will give you a quick review of the facilities and amenities which they are offered to their respectable investors.

Park View City Pros And Cons


The society overview in becoming the outstanding and fruitful execution, park views seems to be the best scenic and meticulous place in Islamabad, from all around park view city presents the decent, elegant to present the opportunity for the residential or investment purpose.

Some of the banks provide you the opportunity to get home financing schemes for residents, on easy terms they get home loans in park view city through the approval of the CDA.

We are welcoming you to avail this offer or opportunity, think for yourself, and book a secure place in a meticulous and outstanding project.

Who is the owner of Park View City? This innovative housing society is a project of Vision Group. Vision group is owned by Aleem Khan, a senior member of PTI.
Where is Park View City Islamabad located?

Park View City is located on Malot Road near Bahria Enclave in the Capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad.

What is the installment plan for Park View City? Yes, society is offering 2-year installments for investors’ convenience.