Blue World City Islamabad Hollywood Block

July 22, 2022
Blue World City Islamabad Hollywood Block

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A Blue World City is Pakistan’s most architectural and mesmerizing project ever in Islamabad. The consortium flagship project of BGC – IGC. This particular place is near the Lahore Islamabad Motorway M-2 on the main CPEC route. It is just a 20-minute drive away from the New Islamabad International Airport. It will become Islamabad’s most advanced and first state-of-the-art tourist endpoint and the residential society.

The Blue World City launches the most aesthetic views and finest lifestyle for the first time. The project aims to provide world-class facilities and high-quality living standards to all. At the same time, it will become a tourist destination because of its attractive and scenic views, such as the replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, the Rumi’s square, a fantastic water theme park, and the world’s tallest horse MASCOT, the grand lavish 5- star hilltop hotel. Besides this, these are worth enough to invest in this fantastic place—the best chance for investors to avail of this opportunity and secure your future. Especially for the traders, it seems the perfect location for the blue world economic zone to conduct business operations near the CPEC route.

The BWC is a futuristic and ideal project for all, providing all the exceptional facilities and amenities that will lead to living a high-standard lifestyle.

Respective Owner of BWC:

The owner of the Blue Word City is Saad Nazir, the CEO and the founder of the Blue Group of Companies. In Lahore in 1989, this company was captured as the best architectural designer and construction service provider. But over time, the company was established as trustworthy and became a professional organization. The well-known organization’s clients pay attention to them. This company is now ranked among Pakistan’s top most famous and best companies.

Blue World City NOC:

The respective RDA has approved their NOC on the initial basis of the permission granted for the 427 Kanal to the society. But now, this society is considered an entirely legal residential scheme. After the approval, their property prices will increase soon.

Prime location:

While investing in any real estate project, location considers an initial aspect. The ideal location of the blue world city is near the CPEC route, which is close to the Chakri interchange. It is also nearly accessed from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2. Moreover, this society provides a luxurious lifestyle and magnificent facilities. This residential society also has close access to Islamabad International airport.

Division of Blocks:

The Blue World City lies on the vast landscape; after the approval from the RDA, the allocated area is divided into the residence, business sectors, and farmhouses. This residential scheme is divided into different blocks. Awami complex, General, Overseas, Waterfront, and Hollywood blocks. All these blocks differ in the classification and sizes of plots. Each block has its specialty and scenic views with the feasibility of futuristic amenities.

Blue World City Islamabad Hollywood block:

A Blue World City is divided into multiples block, each offering a different plot size. The Hollywood block is recently added as an innovative step forward toward change. They aim to recreate the experience of the famous Hollywood that signifies its splendid views. This block becomes the premium attraction point in overall society.

This society has become Islamabad’s most selling community; the organization has already purchased this necessary land. Now the development process on BWC land is successfully proceeding day and night. The hard work pays off once this grand project is completed.

Society has become an art complex that signifies the abilities of talented artists across the country. This block has mesmerizing textures that will surely inspire the visitors. It will become a cultural tourist place. This block has its futuristic amenities and world-class amenities.

Blue World City Islamabad Hollywood block location

The location of all the blocks of blue world city Islamabad is an eye-catching sight. However, the area and planning of the blocks increase their worth to invest in this society. The Blue World City Islamabad Hollywood block map signifies its fantastic location; it is easily accessible from Gate 1 and Gate -2 of the blue world city. Before the General and overseas block, this block is located on the first.

Furthermore, this mesmerizing block is placed at the top height of the Beautiful Mountains. That makes this block more eye-catching and artistic.

Hollywood block payment plan:

The Hollywood block is smartly planned with unmatched attractions. Blue world city offers a convenient payment plan with different sizes of plots. The Hollywood block offers the other properties but is based on a first come – first serve. Its remarkable architectural design makes this place more attractive, and the eye sought a place for all. Compared to other blocks, its rates become high because of its futuristic and exclusive facilities and features design.

Payment plan of Hollywood block

2 Year Payment plan

Meticulous Facilities:

There are numerous world-class facilities available in the Hollywood block of the blue world city; these are:

  • Hospital
  • Mosque
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Digital security system
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Gated housing community
  • Lush refreshing green areas
  • Wide carpeted roads
  • Jogging tracks
  • Trained management and maintenance staff
  • Availability of water, gas, and electricity 24/7
  • Well-planned waste disposal and drainage system

Why invest in blue world city Hollywood block:

Investing in any real estate project, the investors have to check some important factors regarding the project authenticity, such as location, cost, payments plan, mesmerizing features, and legalization. Here are some of the reasons that will emerge to invest in this fantastic Hollywood block.

NOC approval:

The RDA will soon approve this block. Furthermore, the development process is successfully proceeding day and night. The project is free from any allegations about the encroachment of land and illegal developments.

Affordable plots:

The blue world city Hollywood block offers the multiples sizes of plots; each one is spacious with meticulous facilities. The rates of the plots in this block are cost-effective and attractive for investors and buyers.

Modern features and ideal location:

Blue world city project aims to provide a modern living standard to its residents; its unique attractions point makes the investors to invest and get a high return. The state-of-the-art facilities and particular features are outstanding characteristics of this block. The block is located at the ideal point, before the general and overseas blocks.  

Besides this, the Hollywood block is suitable for all the aspects of investment. Take advantage of this remarkable offer and enjoy the latest amenities of life.

Here are some essential guidelines before investing in any block:

  • Check the NOC. RDA should approve it
  • Verify the respective credential from RDA
  • Make a detailed inspection of the infrastructure
  • Examine the feasibility of basic facilities like gas, water, and power supply
  • Look over the accessibilities of the locality like a hospital, educational institutions, offices, etc.

How to a Book a plot in Hollywood block:

For the booking of plots in any housing society, do a visit to the booking office with the following credentials.

  • Passport size pictures 2
  • CNIC copies 2
  • ID card of your next to kin, two copies
  • For the overseas clients NICOP

Sum up:

The Blue World City Islamabad Hollywood block has become the latest addition to their project; they aim to provide the state of art infrastructure to their community so they can enjoy the high-quality living standard. The RDA approves its NOC. The block is located at an ideally scenic place. The blue world city is the project of the Blue group of companies with the collaboration of the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The block offers the easy installment plan of a 2-year payment plan.

The block’s fantastic feature is the cost-effective plots ranging from 10 Marla to 4 Kanal in size. The inhabitant can enjoy the top-notch facilities at these low-cost rates. The organization offers convenient payment plans with easy installments.

Moreover, Brownstone Marketing recommends you avail of this golden investment chance and get the high-standard lifestyle. We welcome you to visit in our office or our website and register your plot file until it’s too late. Furthermore, the blue world city updates the new prices of plots that will be increased soon.

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