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Nova City Islamabad Overview

Nova City, Islamabad, is a new and emerging housing society being developed at the heart of the capital, Islamabad. Essentially, this housing society is being built to provide a luxurious and modern lifestyle to residents along with the advantage of being located in between the twin cities. Nova City housing society aims to provide its residents with state-of-the-art facilities at an unbelievable price for its location.

Nova city Islamabad intends to serve individuals from all sort of class and status in Pakistan, in order to build a community that prides itself on the strength of its diversity. This project of Nova City will compete with the other big real estate developments in both Islamabad and Rawalpindi, by providing a futuristic lifestyle to its residents and an excellent investment opportunity for investors. According to experts in the field, Nova City housing society commits to provide excellent return on investment, Because land prices are competitive and will rise after development

Nova City Islamabad

Developer and Owner of Nova City Islamabad:

Nova City Developers are the owners and developers of Nova City. The company is noted for its many real estate projects, high-quality infrastructure, and prompt delivery. Mr. Junaid Afzal is the owner of Nova City Developers. Previously, they developed the Nova City School System, which is currently operational in Wah cantt and adjacent areas. They are presently working hard to develop Nova City Islamabad, a cutting-edge residential and commercial development.

Nova Group has always striven towards excellence. They have found a method to provide their residents with everything they need in one project. They try to give their consumers with premium living standards that are cost-effective, inventive, and of the highest quality. 

The Nova Group commits itself to each of their projects with special diligence, ensuring that residents enjoy a wonderful lifestyle. A large number of projects done by Nova groups are serving excellent facilities and amenities to the society. They have implemented worldwide standards of education in their line of projects, which is something that everyone hopes for. They are known for their high-quality construction and workmanship. They were also among the first to use Artificial Intelligence into their building project

Nova City Islamabad Location:

Nova City Islamabad Location Map

Nova City Islamabad is ideally located near the newly planned Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC corridor. Ring Road serves as the primary gateway, while the CPEC route serves as the secondary entrance to the society. The society is ideally located in terms of accessibility from both Islamabad and Rawalpindi, as such, the network of roads make it conveniently accessible from multiple areas within the twin cities. The M-2 highway between Lahore and Islamabad also offers easy accessibility, making it even more appealing to residents and investors. The map of Nova City Islamabad is simple to use.

It’s also just a few minutes drive to the new Islamabad International Airport. Nova City is designed for business people who want to live in an area with easy access to transportation and communication. Nova City projecte is situated near 3 damns ‘ Rama Dam, Sapiala Dam, and Kasana Dam. Another advantage of its position is that it is just a few kilometers away from the picturesque Kheri Moorat National Park, which covers about 8600 acres.

Nova City Islamabad location is illustrated as follows:

Nova City housing society is accessible through multiple routes, these are as follows:

Nearby societies and landmarks:

Nova City NOC status:

Nova City Islamabad NOC

The NOC of approval for Nova City Islamabad has been granted by the competent authorities. It is now a registered housing project that is flourishing in the prime regions of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Nova City has had planning authorization from Fatheh Jang TMA for quite some time. The Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) have now approved it as well, with letter number 264/MC/ATK. Nova City Islamabad has received a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) for a substantial amount of its land. The moment has come for the developers of the society to concentrate on accelerating its development

Nova City Islamabad Master Plan:

The master plan of Nova City is done by highly experts and based on a single vision: to create a contemporary residential and commercial environment while conserving the location’s tranquil and natural vistas. In a nutshell, the community is intended to provide the contemporary living with a natural touch. The society is distinguishable from all other housing societies in the twin cities due to its highly talented architects and engineers who use advance technology and procedure.

The master plan was developed with the help of internationally recognized real estate developers. Only residential plots were available for investment during the pre-launch period. Commercial plots, like residential plots, have just been introduced to the market and have received an overwhelmingly response. Nova City will divide itself into sectors, phases, and blocks, sectors/phases/blocks to make it a complete society.

Following Amenities are provided by Nova City :

Residential Plots in Nova City Islamabad are available in the following sizes:

Nova City Islamabad also provides commercial plots in prime locations with convenient access to the residents and the larger markets. These plots are specifically made for the ease of residence to have access to the market. These plots are offering best return on investment which is making it more attractive for buyers.

Commercial Plots in Nova City Islamabad are available in the following sizes:

Nova city housing society


Nova City Projects provides diversity of blocks and sectors not by just it commercial and residential plots but more other subdivided plans. The society not only offers its residence a comfortable lifestyle, but it also focuses on delivering a fantastic investment option in Islamabad for all those looking for a high return on their investment. For such quality real estate, plots for sale in the community are priced quite reasonably.

Nova City Pueblo Block:

Nova City Pueblo Block,” a new block in the housing society established and  Investors are drawn to the Nova City Islamabad Pueblo block Because of its affordability and exquisite amenities. With the goal of attracting investors, Nova City’s management jumped ahead and added this 3.5 Marla plot type in the residential plots inventory. This block was recently developed to help customers with limited budgets to add to their investing options.

These 3.5 Marla Plots are available in the society’s top of the line residential block, which will have all top-notch and modern facilities. Both investors and home buyers display immense interest in the housing society’s 3.5 Marla Residential Plots right now.

Nova City Payment Plan for Pueblo Block:

In this community, 3.5 Marla plots are a good value for money investment. The plots may be reserved with only a 20% down payment and the remainder paid in convenient payments. The overall cost of the 3.5 Marla Residential Plot is 1,275,000/-, with reservations beginning at 127,500/-. Following the reservations, investors may pay the balance in 40 monthly payments. 3.5 Marla plots in this gated community are unquestionably a cost-effective but profitable investment and residential option.

Nova City E-Sports Block:

Nova City Islamabad E-Sports Block

 The E-Sports Block consists of all of the sports amenities available to inhabitants. Residents will be able to play a variety of different e-sports in their vicinity in a safe environment. These e-sports will be top of the line, and will make the block a central attraction for the entire region. Not just the sports facilities but this block also has Mosques and residential plots of the following sizes:

Nova City Overseas Block:

Nova City Islamabad has introduced the Nova City Overseas Block: A community with world-class amenities designed just for Pakistanis living abroad. This block is designed exclusively for Pakistanis living abroad, with tempting lifestyle amenities such as a zoo, massive parks, international sports and health facilities, and much more. Nova City Islamabad is committed to providing its residents with the most luxurious and up-to-date living facilities in the market, therefore, the developers have provided this block with unparalleled facilities and amenities. The block will have a separate entrance, as well as specialized medical and educational institutes to provide its residents with a complete lifestyle. The overseas block will have a first of its kind ‘public WiFi’ to keep you connected and ahead of the game so you can stay in touch with your loved ones and always have access to the latest happenings in their lives.

Nova City Payment Plans for the Overseas Block are as follows:

Nova City Payment Plans for Non Category Plots:

Nova City Islamabad’s most recent payment plan for ‘ non category plots ‘ is provided to our valued clients and readers who are interested in learning about plot prices in this society. With such a high standard of living and top-notch amenities, Nova City Islamabad plots for sale are available at extremely competitive prices in the region.

Nova City Commercial Block:

Nova City housing society commercial plots are available for purchase in easy installments. It is possible to buy plot files for commercial purposes at prices that are extremely competitive for such prime real estate.

Plot prices in Nova City Commercial Block are as follows:

The Booking Process for Nova City Islamabad is listed as follows

We strive to make the registration process, for our valued clients, as easy as possible. The following papers are required at the time of booking:

Terms and Conditions:

Facilities and Amenities Provided in Nova City:

Nova City Islamabad Amenities And Facilities

Both local and foreign inhabitants will profit from the society’s development of international-standard services and infrastructure. Nova City Islamabad is a well-designed residential masterpiece with all contemporary conveniences and amenities, as well as top notch security systems allowing both residents and visitors the absolute best in terms of lifestyle. In addition to offering inhabitants with a comfortable lifestyle, the society’s attractions and amenities make it an excellent investment opportunity in Islamabad.

24/7 Power, natural Gas, and Water availability:

Nova City Grand Jamia Masjid:

A mosque is incorporated in the master plan to assist inhabitants in developing and maintaining a close relationship with the universe’s creator. Given the central role of a masjid in an Islamic society, a magnificent mosque will be built to act as both a community center and a place for worship. It is an exceptional example of contemporary Islamic construction, with a large, well-ventilated, centrally air conditioned prayer room, with spectacular minarets and a dome that is sure to inspire awe among all who visit. A serene and peaceful environment has been developed to enhance your spiritual experience. Our purpose is to offer you with a safe and peaceful atmosphere in which to practice your faith and strengthen your connection with God.

A Gated Community with Top Notch Security

Nova City residents place a premium on their safety. We have a Central Security Command Center, which follows the most up-to-date health and safety protocols. Our vigilant and quick-response staff relies on CCTV cameras to ensure that our community is kept safe and secure. Residents will be protected by security guards, CCTV cameras, and a central security command canter.

Lush Green Parks and State of the Art Recreational Facilities:

Nova City has established a unique urban development plan that encompasses residential, commercial, and recreational amenities, as well as a dynamic, ecologically sustainable, and smart lifestyle. To improve the quality of life, a public park and an exotic zoo are being developed. All of the requirements of the residents’ families and children are fulfilled. The establishment of an ecologically friendly, well-planned and well-maintained zoo, as well as public parks, will benefit both the citizens, and visitors of Nova City.

Fully equipped hospital:

Residents will have access to top-of-the-line medical and health-care facilities. There will be high-tech health care and emergency facilities, as well as highly qualified and experienced physicians and paramedics on call 24/7 to ensure complete peace of mind for the residents, even in the most troubling of times.

Educational institutions and commercial hubs:

With the CPEC route close by, the community will be home to one of the region’s greatest corporate centers, with limitless economic possibilities. The master design of this exceptional community comprises state-of-the-art, modern commercial avenues, as well as high-standard educational institutions in all sectors of society, to ensure people’s accessibility. To guarantee that its citizens have access to the best schools and universities in the country, the housing society will accommodate them, thereby realizing its goal of a complete life for its residents.