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Brownstone Marketing Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City, the masterpiece of architectural brilliance is the BGC-IGC Consortium’s flagship project. Located adjacent to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2), on the CPEC route, at a 20-minute drive from New Islamabad International Airport, Blue world city is Pakistan’s first state of the art tourist destination and residential scheme.

BWC offers the finest lifestyle with attractions such as a replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, the world’s tallest Horse Mascot, and Rumi’s Square, a 7-star hilltop hotel, and a world-class Water Theme Park. All of this with secure and easy investment plans for both local and overseas investors. The project’s incorporation of the Blue World Economic Zone makes it a perfect location for local and international traders and businesses to conduct their operations near the CPEC route.

Blue World Housing Society is a futuristic community that features all the exceptional facilities and amenities needed to live a comfortable lifestyle. The list includes 24/7 water, electricity, gas, hospitals, schools, 24/7 maintenance, smart security, a mosque, Cineplex, a fitness centre, etc. As far as the project’s progress is concerned, it is safe to say that it is gaining momentum quickly. Our engineers, architects, town planners, and technical supervisors regularly oversee the project’s progress.

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Blue World City is owned and developed by Saad Nazir, the founder, and CEO of Blue Group of Companies and chairman of BWC. Blue Group of Companies (BGC) is Pakistan’s largest conglomerate. BGC began offering architectural design and construction services to its valued customers in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1998, capturing a significant market share. BGC provides clients with a wide variety of services under one roof. These include real estate acquisition, design, development, marketing, construction, and IT support services for residential and commercial properties. With 300 employees at a time, it has evolved into a giant in the real estate business. The BGC is unmatched in diversity and size.

Corporate Structure:

Blue Group Of Companies


Blue World City is officially approved by RDA (Rawalpindi development authority) and the district council, therefore it is an entirely legal residential scheme. RDA approved Blue World City’s NOC on 07/08/2018.



Choosing the right location is vital when investing in real estate. Location is an essential aspect of any investment. Investors with experience will always look for investments with high returns on their funds. Blue World City is located on the CPEC route near Chakri interchange and can be accessed directly from the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 motorway. In addition to providing a luxurious lifestyle away from the city noise, BWC is located close to Islamabad/Rawalpindi and the Islamabad international airport.

Near Chakri Interchange
Nearby Places Blue World City

A variety of significant landmarks & residential areas can be found nearby, including the following.


Blue World City Master Plan

BWC area is divided into residences, farmhouses, and business plots. However, the sizes and classification of the plots available for sale may differ from block to block. Blue world city Islamabad purchased five thousand Kanals of land for subdivision into blocks and plots.

The following are the sizes and subcategories of the Blue World City plots for sale:



Blue World City General Block

The general block contains both residential and commercial properties, making it an excellent investment opportunity. In addition to its perfect design, General Block will offer an attractive price for an all-inclusive lifestyle. Investing in the general block will give you the highest return on your investment.

Plots in the General Block of the society are incredibly affordable. The General Block offers a 4-year easy installments plan for residential and commercial plots of 05, 08, and 10 Marlas, 01 Kanals, and 02 Kanals. With a luxurious and modern design. This lavish block offers a comfortable and cost-effective living environment and top-of-the-line features and services.

Here is a breakdown of the payment plan for plots in the block:


Blue World City General Block Investing Benefits


Blue world city overseas Block

Blue World City Islamabad’s overseas block aims to give its residents an upgraded lifestyle. It is a first-class investment opportunity, not just for foreign investors but also for locals. Reservations are secured only with a ten percent deposit, and the balance is due in 40 months or eight half-yearly (16 quarterly) payments.  

This overseas block installment plans are tabularized as follows:


Investing Benefits in BWC Overseas Block


Blue World City Awami Block

Awami Complex is the latest addition to Islamabad’s famous Blue World City. The complex consists of single units, independent units, and duplex units. BWC Awami complex units are well-appointed with society’s signature amenities. All of the housing units are smart, green, and sustainable. The structure consists of five floors. In addition, there is a basement. A beautiful and picturesque landscape surrounds the complex.

The following are the dimensions of the Awami Complex in Blue World City Islamabad:

Duplex Villas
Among the most remarkable features of the Awami, Complex is the duplex Awami villas. These villas feature every modern convenience and amenity available in the area. In addition, they provide a variety of living spaces for residents. A notable feature of the villas is their affordability for the average person

 Division of villas into the following categories based on their size and location:


Located in the Blue World City, Blue Hills Country Farms provide beautiful and tranquil getaways for those seeking peace and tranquillity. Planned with meticulous care, the Blue Hills Farm Houses are strategically located in a well-planned area. With its lush green spaces and picturesque landscapes, it is considered one of society’s most peaceful and serene areas. Financing options for the farmhouses are flexible and affordable.


Blue City’s Orbital Apartments offer a luxurious, affluent lifestyle. There is no better apartment choice in Pakistan if you want to enjoy picturesque panoramic views all day long. World-class infrastructure development and exquisite housing options are available in the orbital apartments. In the orbiting flats, the goal was to provide spacious, affordable housing.

This Awami block installment plans are tabularized as follows:


Blue World City Hollywood Block

Blue World City Islamabad aims to recreate the experience of gazing upon the famous Hollywood sign in all its splendour. It also promises luxury and wealth. The Hollywood block will be home to the most premium attractions and services.

The society will house an arts complex that showcases the abilities of talented artists from across the country. This block will inspire visitors to pursue their dreams in the performing arts. Blue World City, Hollywood block will serve as a cultural tourism center. Residents and visitors will also take advantage of several luxury amenities and comforts.

This Hollywood block installment plans are tabularized as follows:


Blue World City Waterfront District

The Waterfront Block was recently added to the development to allow residents to enjoy the tranquillity of the waterfront setting. It is located directly on the waterfront, in front of the Overseas Block. The Waterfront Block offers the following exclusive amenities to its residents: 

Waterfront Community

Residents of the Waterfront block will have access to all the required amenities and a breath-taking view of the lake. This residential block offers many advantages, including its location in a prime area and affordable payment options.

Blue World City Waterfront Block Plots for sale

The residents of this block can enjoy modern living at affordable rates. Waterfront block offers cost-effective plots ranging in size from 6 Marla to 18 Marla. Payment plans are flexible and convenient.

Floating Restaurant

Blue World City Waterfront Block in BWC Islamabad will also feature a floating restaurant where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. Located on the shores of Blue World City Lake, this restaurant provides delicious cuisine and a delightful ambiance with a captivating view.

Dancing Fountain

The Dancing Fountain at BWC will be designed and constructed by a team of award-winning architects and developers of numerous other projects of this kind.

The fountain’s performance is composed of water choreography, music, and light, creating a visually stunning display. Viewers will be able to enjoy the sight and sound of hundreds of water fountains as they dance to musical notes from the symphony, opera, classical, pop, and local folk music.

Walking Track

A walking track will be constructed to highlight the beauty of the residential community. The track will be located near the water sports club. The track path will take you towards the commercial area, where you can enjoy the beautiful waterside scenery while walking.

Water Sports Club

Waterfront Block will also be home to an international-level water sports club. Water Sports at Blue World City Waterfront Block include Premium Speed Boats, Jet Skis, Water Sports, Wakeboarding, Knee-boarding, Water Tubing, Fin Tubing, Kayaking, and more.


The waterfront district of the BWC will feature a stunning waterfall to provide the best possible environment for its residents. You may not have heard of a gated community with waterfalls; neither have we, at least not in our Pakistan. It will indeed be a fantastic sight. The sound of the waterfall will drown out distracting sounds and will calm the spirits of the residents. BWC strives to provide the best serene environment to its residents. A dedicated security and rescue guard team will also be stationed at the waterfalls.

Outdoor Cinema:

Blue World City Waterfront block also offers an outdoor cinema facility. You can enjoy the view of the lake while watching movies. It will be an international standard cinema. Hence, you will have a complete package of entertainment at your disposal.

Waterside Food Street:

There will be an international standard waterside food court. Besides having a spectacular view, the food will be from well-known local and international brands.

This Waterfront District installment plans are tabularized as follows:

Blue World City Sports Valley

Blue World City Sports Valley

Blue World City is on the way to reaching the triumph mission and expanding beyond the expectation of spectacular. After accomplishing the blue world city major complexes, they launch the new residential block. The downtown and the magnificent sports Valley Block. They provide the new platform for their clients and offer the plots in installments.

The developer of Blue Word City is keen to address all the new visions of investments in the housing scheme. The exciting growing number of buyers of BWC and the new investors become eager to get profits by trading the files and plots.
The details of the blue world city’s new blocks and development will be shared soon. These new blocks will add to the people’s satisfaction, as new opportunities will be for investment in this excellent housing scheme.

This development work on the prominent appearance of the sports valley block has now started, just five minutes’ drive from Adyala Road. The exposure of the sports valley comprises a worldwide – stadium announced by the Chairman of the Blue World City, Saad Nazir.

The Blue World City inaugurated the famous worldwide brand of Second Cup Coffee under the Horse Mascot; the development is growing fast-paced with the heavy machinery working 24/7 on this project.

The subsequent colossal block success is estimated to outperform the Overseas and General Block. The impressive thing for the investors and the buyers for the development work in BWC. The great opportunity offered by Blue World City for investment purposes and returns will be excellent. Due to its fantastic development and increasing demands, the prices of plots will be revised soon.

Best Realm of Investment:

Do you want to know the best realm of investment threshold nowadays? If yes, then wait. You are at the right place. The Blue World City has become the most trending real estate project in the heart of Islamabad territory. The question is, what are the most mesmerizing features this project only offers? This project provides
multiple blocks and sectors with incredible and eye-catching views. The magnificent block, the heart of the Blue World City, is the Sports Valley block. It offers the best affordable investment occasions with accessible Installment plans, so be a part of this investment realm and secure your future.

Development Status of Blue World City Sports Valley:

Pakistan set to build the world’s best first-purpose tourist city. The most cherished block in Blue World City is the Sports Valley. After the Sports Valley orientation ceremony the construction has begun in this block. Recently the BWC management shared the updates that heavy machines arrived at the location. The whole development and construction teams present to access and monitor the progress. Historical landmarks are being built in Sports Valley, including many sports complexes such as Pakistan’s largest Cricket Stadium in the Blue World City. The organization has allocated 1200 Kanal area for this stadium. Moreover, the magnificent unique features of Villaggio Mall and Torch Hotel become the attractive theme of this block. The construction work is rapidly growing, and the best opportunity for the investor or sports enthusiast to book their plot with just a 7.5% down payment and be a part of these sports ventures.


Details About Cricket Stadium:

The exclusivity of Sports Valley can be evaluated from this fact that it is the only block of Blue World City Islamabad where construction process began way before it was officially announced in the market. Heavy machinery and industrious workers, present 24/7 on the site, are undertaking construction vehemently. Chairman Blue World City, Mr. Saad Nazir, declared to erect Pakistan’s biggest cricket stadium in this prestigious block which will have the capacity to hold over 55k people.

Details About Entrance Gate:

Blue World City Sports Valley has the upper hand in terms of its varied connectivity. Gate No. 4 has been especially allocated to this block, giving it a major access dimension. It has been named “Babul Islam” as the developers intend on making it a replica of gate way to Madina. This colossal separate entrance gate links Sports Valley to the vicinity of Adiyala Road.

The amazing features of the Sports Valley will attract investors, and the followings are:


File verification is a crucial part of any housing project. Investors need to scrutinize all plot information. You can verify the price and registration of Blue World City files using the methods below.

1) You can directly contact Blue World City head office for file verification.

2) Blue World City’s online verification can be checked by visiting their website 

3) The file verification process can also be completed by calling Blue World City’s contact number. The contact number can be obtained from their official website. 

Benefits of File Verification

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to secure your future. Therefore, it is vital that a person invests wisely, follows all verification procedures, and understands the significance of the investment. Below we have listed some of the benefits of file verification by Blue World City.

Blue World City File Verification Benefits


Property Inspection

Before making any purchase, you should visit the site in person and ensure that all written documents match the plot specifications on the ground. Whenever possible, you should check the validity of records before making any purchase.

Verification of the documents

Verify all documentation thoroughly to avoid any miscommunications or misunderstandings. Whenever you consider the purchase or sale of a property, make sure you obtain a copy of the NOC and the approval documents from the developer duly approved by the Capital Development Authority. Consequently, the documentation you provide will be valid by all means necessary to satisfy your customers.

Finances for the purchase

You should ensure that your funds align with your purchase plan before any property sale or purchase to ensure that your transaction goes off without a hitch.



Blue Mosque Istanbul Replica

Blue Mosque Istanbul replica

Blue World City Islamabad will feature a replica of Turkey’s most popular tourist destination, The Blue Mosque. Located in Istanbul, the Blue Mosque reflects the glory of Islamic civilization and the architectural tradition of the Muslim world. The architectural design of the replica Blue Mosque is being built by a team of professional architects, it will be built over 104 kanals of land. The Blue Mosque replica at BWC will be a mesmerizing sight for the residents of the twin cities, and its ambiance will evoke the same awe and spiritual experience as the Istanbul Blue Mosque.

A team of professional designers, architects, and engineers will build the tallest horse mascots on the central avenue of the Blue World City. The mascots will be worthy of a place in the famous Guinness book of world records due to their height and structure. They will reach 125 feet from the ground and be visible even from the Lahore-Islamabad motorway, making them the world’s tallest night-lit sculptures. Features

World’s Tallest Horse Mascot

World’s tallest horse mascot

Second Cup Coffee Outlet at Blue World City

Second Cup Coffee

A recent development at Blue World City has been the completion and inauguration of the Second Cup Coffee outlet. BWC has achieved its promise by introducing this well-known Canadian coffee brand.

An official opening ceremony was held in June 2022 to mark the opening of the Second Cup Coffee outlet at Blue World City Islamabad. Jim Ragas, President and CEO of Second Cup Coffee Company attended the ceremony. A number of senior officials from Blue World City and Second Cup Coffee Company also participated in the event. Blue World City’s second cup coffee outlet offers visitors mesmerizing views of the world’s tallest horse mascot while enjoying their beverages.

BWC will become more attractive to tourists with the addition of the Second Cup franchise. It will also serve as a model for other real estate developments in the country. Residents and tourists will be able to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle thanks to the unique and modern amenities provided by Second Cup Coffee Company franchise.

Blue World City chose this coffee brand because it provides superior taste and quality. Second Cup Coffee offers a wide variety of drinks and foods. Various food and beverages are served at the outlet, including premium coffee, pastries, whole beans, non-coffee drinks, and merchandise. They are committed to providing excellent customer service at all times.

Blue World City strives to provide world-class entertainment facilities to make the Pakistani real estate market contemporary and exceptional. To achieve this goal, BWC is pleased to announce the launch of the Second Cup franchise under the world’s tallest horse mascot. Blue World City features exceptional amenities such as the World’s Tallest Horse Mascot, Water Theme Park, and other recreational opportunities. These amenities make it an innovative venture compared to other real estate projects in the country. Blue World City Islamabad will also host other international brands and food chains soon.

Rumi’s Square

Rumi’s square at Blue World City

One of Blue World City’s principal squares is dedicated to Maulana Rumi, a finely chiseled sculpture of the famous saint in his whirling swirl pose. The residents of BWC will be mesmerized by the air of spirituality emanating from this 70-foot towering night-lit sculpture.

 Water Theme Park

Beat the summer heat with Blue World City’s water theme park. This state-of-the-art park will feature fun water rides, pools, slides, fast-food chains, and a kids’ play area. It is the perfect place for anyone who enjoys water rides and fun! Everyone can find something they want with attractions like the Wave Pool, Aqua Adventure, and Dolphin Adventure. In addition to restaurants and retail shops, the park also offers a variety of restaurants. From pizza to fashion accessories, you’ll be able to find everything you need. Blue World City theme park is set against the backdrop of the magnificent Islamabad skyline, so the experience will be one that you will never forget.

Water theme park

Night Safari and Zoo

Blue World City Zoo

Blue World City’s night safari and zoo might be the perfect option for you if you’re looking for an exciting way to spend the evening. This unique safari park will feature a variety of exotic animals for tourists to observe and learn about An elegant dinner will be served at the beginning of the night safari. After dinner, you will be taken on a guided tour of the zoo, where all animals can be seen up close. It will be a unique opportunity to see nocturnal animals in Pakistan for the first time.

Adventure Club

Blue World City Adventure Club

The adventure club at Blue World City will be dedicated to promoting healthy outdoor and fun-filled activities, such as paragliding, horseback riding, ATV ride, and much more.

7-Star Hotel

Blue World City 7 Star Hotel Hilltop

Blue world city’s 7-star top hill hotel will be the most luxurious hotel in the world, where you will be able to experience all that life has to offer, from exquisite cuisine to world-class entertainment. Unsurpassed customer service will ensure that customers will enjoy their stay here. The hotel will provide a wide range of facilities, such as a cutting-edge gym, world-renowned spa, and private pool. Guests will also be able to enjoy access to a wide array of services, including but not limited to airport transportation, dry cleaning and laundry, and 24-hour room service.

Blue World City Amenities

Blue World City Amenities

Quality amenities are essential in enhancing the quality of living; they help build community identity and a sense of belonging. Blue World City offers its residents a variety of modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and luxurious living environment.

Smart-Gated Community

Smart-Gated Community

For a quality residential experience, Blue World City will be fortified with smart security measures, options like face recognition, and a smart key card that will ensure the full safety of the residents. Additionally, a shielding border wall will surround the community, to add another layer of protection.

  Fitness Complex

Blue World City’s state-of-the-art fitness complex is a recreational, health, and social facility geared towards sports, fitness, and other physical activities. The goal of the BWC fitness complex is to help all residents live healthily and fit life. BWC fitness complex offers a wide variety of classes and activities that will keep you challenged and toned. From cardio to strength training, the complex has something for everyone. Plus, BWC fitness complex facilities are equipped with advanced equipment that will allow you to reach your fitness goals. In addition to the fitness facilities, Blue World City also features a variety of amenities that will make your stay a pleasant one. Our on-site restaurant offers delicious food that will help you refuel after your workout, and our retail store provides a variety of items that will help you look stylish during your workout sessions.


Blue World City Mosques

Every sector of blue world city will have its Mosque, allowing residents to pray comfortably and meet their religious obligations without any inconvenience.

Blue World Cineplex

Cineplex at the Blue World will set new standards for elegance and quality in the theatre experience throughout the country. Blue World Cineplex will be equipped with the world’s brightest Barco projector and a state-of-the-art 7.1 channel, 4-way QSC digital audio system.

Features of the Blue World Cineplex

Cineplex at Blue World City

24/7 Maintenance and Surveillance

24/7 Security Surveillance
Around-the-clock maintenance and security surveillance will ensure the safety and comfort of the residents. Smart surveillance cameras and security systems will guarantee the ease and safety of blue world residents.

Blue World Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall at Blue World City

Blue World Shopping Mall, located in Blue World City, will usher in a brand-new era of shopping and retailing. BWC mall will feature over 500 shops, Local and international brands, a food court, a hypermarket, an entertainment zone, restaurant and cafes, a cinema, a grand atrium, and a kid’s play area.

If you’re looking for a place to shop and spend time with friends, Blue World shopping mall may be just what you’re looking for. This top-tier shopping mall offers a wide variety of stores and facilities, including a food court, Movie Theater, and a multi-purpose arena. In addition to all of the standard mall amenities, Blue World City also has various unique features that make it a worthwhile destination.

For example, the mall has a sky garden that offers stunning cityscape views. There is also a water park that includes a lazy river, a wave pool, and a play area for children. You can also enjoy a variety of restaurants and cafes or take advantage of the mall’s many entertainment options. These include an ice rink, a laser tag arena, and more.


Hospitals and medical facilities form an established component of healthcare provision. At Blue World City full-service healthcare facility with a wide range of medical specialties is available for the residents and people residing nearby BWC. From advanced facilities and equipment to compassionate and experienced staff, BWC hospital will have everything you need to get the best care possible.

BWC will also have a wide range of facilities to help residents relax and enjoy their treatment. These include a 24-hour emergency room, a 24-hour intensive care unit, a full-service pharmacy, etc. BWC is dedicated to providing high-quality service in a caring and comfortable environment.

Clinical departments at BWC hospital

Hospitals and medical facilities

Forces School

The Forces School and College System (FSCS) was founded to make international quality education available to all. The Forces School & College System has the technical and proficient backing of some of Pakistan’s most prominent corporate groups.

Forces School’s Flagship Campus in Blue World City is planned to be a top-notch educational institution in a purpose-built campus efficiently divided into administrative, academic, and examination blocks and indoor and outdoor sports activities.

Forces school campus at BWC will include


24/7 Water, Gas, and Electricity Availability

Blue World City will strive to provide the best quality services to its residents; BWC will be responsible for continuous maintenance and necessary services required by the residents, such as an uninterrupted supply of water, gas, and electricity.

Waste Management System

The residential community will have a proficient waste disposal system to ensure that society remains clean and eco-friendly

Water Filtration Plant

Clean water is one of the essential features of a housing community. The setup of a water filtration plant at Blue World City will ensure 24/7 water availability and will help improve the residing conditions.

Transportation System

For the convenience of the residents, a well-organized and planned transportation system is being developed to enable residents to travel from one point to the other within the Blue City.

Police Station

As part of the development, a police station will also be constructed to ensure safety in society. People will feel more secure in the community.

Home to Local and International Brands

Blue World City will mark the beginning of a brand-new era in shopping and retailing. Over 500 shopping, food, and other retail outlets are planned at the BWC. They include local and international clothing brands, food chains, hypermarkets, entertainment areas, restaurants, and cafes. Blue World recognizes the importance of developing local brands in the shopping industry and supports the development of both local and foreign retailers.


Investing in property is once in a lifetime opportunity, choose wisely. At Blue world city, we have something for everyone, BWC housing scheme offers the finest lifestyle and investment options for you.

Why choose BWC

Blue World City is a paradise for entrepreneurs and business owners. This futuristic city offers all the amenities and resources you need to start and grow your business. Blue World City is the ideal place to invest with cutting-edge technology, a talented workforce, and a supportive environment,

The city features a variety of businesses and industries, including finance, insurance, IT, media, tourism, and more. This diversity provides you with a wide range of opportunities and allows you to find the right niche and industry for your business.

The city is also home to some business incubators and accelerators, which can provide you with the support and resources you need to get your business off the ground. Additionally, plenty of resources and forums are available to help you learn about business and investments.

The following are some reasons why Blue World City is a good investment.

  • The availability of flexible payment plans

Unlike other housing societies in Pakistan that offer the most complicated and expensive installment plans, Blue World City provides the most simple installment plans that can be paid over a more extended period.

  • High Demand

There is high demand for the convenience of three-year and four-year payment plans among investors due to the ease of application these plans provide to all investors regardless of their financial condition.

  • Peaceful Surroundings

Throughout the development of Blue World City Islamabad, every effort has been made to ensure that residents have a tranquil living environment. In addition, Blue World City Islamabad’s prime location contributes to its tranquility.

  • High-Quality Facilities

Blue World City Islamabad offers you a range of world-class amenities at unbeatable prices. From parks to cinemas and commercial centers, apartments at affordable prices, expansive parking lots, clinics, pharmacies, and testing labs to world-class educational institutions, it offers everything with state-of-the-art security and trained security guards.

  • Hub for Commercial Activity

You can purchase commercial spaces at Blue World City for a meager cost. The investment may also generate a high return that is unmatched in Pakistan. Stakeholders are, therefore, highly interested in Blue World City for this reason. Blue World City offers opportunities that no other society can match.

Blue World City’s Android Application

Blue world city presents itself as Pakistan’s top-ranking housing scheme in Islamabad. They offer high-return investment plans. To avail of this great opportunity, blue world city launched its official blue world city app, especially for the overseas Pakistani to register and get the updates about their work and promotions. It is a convenient way to connect with them and be updated with new offers they launched.he developer can provide you with information regarding plots, payment plan, new offers about the property, and much more. So, download this app and get in touch with blue world city for your convenience. their upcoming project will also be launched soon, the blue world trade center. After the accomplishment of their successful project of BWC in which, they offer both residential and commercial plots as well. The legal status of blue world city presents itself with a bunch of investment opportunities for all; the different blocks offer different types of plots. The initial step is the first time they present, get registered through the blue world city app and enjoy their intelligent features with updated information. Login to your account and start your journey with the most incredible investment opportunities only with blue world city. They also offer online file registration; you can access our reliable resources if you want to verify your file through an online system. The other option is verification through the blue world city head office and registers your file online. The whole procedure is mentioned on the brownstone marketing website. Just garb your plot because the first come and first serve system is applied because their limited amount of plot sizes were left until it is too late
You can download Blue World City’s application from the Google play store
Blue World City App

Blue World City Ballot results

  • Blue World City Overseas Block Balloting

You can check Blue world City Balloting Result 2022 online

To check the results of the ballot. Please enter the following information: Registration number: CNIC number: Search record.

It is highly recommended that overseas investors check out Blue World City Overseas and participate in the block balloting process as soon as possible due to its numerous advantages.

  • Blue World City Awami Certificate Balloting

Check Blue world City Balloting Result 2022 online

To check the results of the ballot. Please enter the following information: Registration number: CNIC number: Search record.

Blue World City Online Installment Payment

The Blue World Society is currently recognized as one of the market’s most successful real estate investments. With Blue World City Online Payment, you may quickly and conveniently reserve your plot on the official Blue World website.

Current Development Progress in Blue World City:

A Blue World City is Islamabad’s cheerful, most exciting, rapidly developing housing society. In a short time, the organization aims to accomplish the most significant construction and development operations task. It is not a common society; it is the World’s first purpose tourist destination. It provides world-class facilities and futuristic amenities, such as water theme parks, cultural complexes, sports stadiums, and large-scale mosques. All the development procedures are being constructed and completed. This housing project will significantly boost the capital’s city tourism industry; this place will become a tourist destination in the coming years. Furthermore, the excellent construction of the overseas block expected a higher chance of foreign investment in the society because it is all based on the international standard. The development is growing at a dizzy pace; entrance from gate 1 is almost done with the fine looking wide carpeted roads. As compare to the other societies, it is the largest gated entrance community. The splendid boulevard enhances its scenic views at the front entrance of BWC. The peaceful and green environment becomes a serene place for the residents of Blue World City.

The completion of the World’s tallest Horse Mascot:

The BWC construction plans to put two of the World’s largest Horse Mascots on the central avenue. At the same time, the most exciting news is that its construction is at completed stages. The Second Cup Coffee inauguration is held under the first horse mascot sculpture. It was the grand opening ceremony with the presence of the CEO of the second cup coffee company and the BWC well-known investors.

The spot is enriched with sparkling lights; the most recent updates show the second horse mascot sculpture is almost at its finishing phase. The orbital avenue looks lovely and mesmerizing. The development of the restaurants and commercial hubs will be complete soon. On the back sides of the horse mascot, the beautiful fresh green garden enhances its beauty more.

The Development Procedure Of Water Theme park:

The design and construction process of Water Theme Park is nearly to be completed soon. The water theme park is under development because the amusement equipment and kids’ rides are inaccessible. Therefore the BWC project aims to construct the World’s best water theme park. The Chinese engineers had arrived to bring the development process of the water theme park.

The Accomplishment Of Forces School Flagship Campus:

The current updates about the Blue World City Forces School Flagship Campus are almost complete; just the basic infrastructure is left, which will be furnished soon.

Northern Avenue Burj Al Arab:

The development is rapidly growing, the construction of the building phase is at the finishing stage, and the rest of the building structure is speedily developing. It’s not a rare society; it will become the World’s best tourist destination. Moreover, providing shopping and commercial hubs presents a magnificent fledge culture.

Possession Of General Block:

The Blue World City management has handed over the final possession to the buyer of general block sector 1. Their construction process is completed, and the old buyer can authentically start their setup. The plot prices rise, and the sector five development process will also be complete soon. Now the buyers are not able to book the plots at old prices.

Trafalgar Square:

The development of the replica of the original Trafalgar Square is done. It becomes an eye-catching view for all the visitors. The defending three lion art pieces have been finished; the Nelson Column model is also completed and enhances Blue World City’s fascinating points.

Waterfront Block of Blue World City:

Blue Word City’s management has planned to add more cherries to the cake in the form of the Waterfront district. This waterfront block is the most awaited sector for buyers and investors. Its prominent location is in front of Blue World City overseas block on phases 5 and 6. It has become the most fantastic stunning, and affordable block in BWC. They offer multiple plot sizes, including 6 Marla, 12 Marla, and 18 Marla.

The incredible and fascinating views of the waterfront block, especially for the residents. The water theme park is worthwhile enough to invest in this block.

Blue Town Sapphire:

The Blue town Sapphire is like the crown gem of the BGC-IGC consortium. Moreover, Blue Town is a significant part of the block; they aim to provide our loyal customers with exquisite lifestyles at affordable prices, drawing stimulation from the gleaming blue-colored gemstone sapphire. This project seeks to designate an LDA area for housing societies, ensuring that your investment and future become safe and secure.

BWC Infrastructural Development in Progress:

The Blue World City is eager to develop its land construction rapidly, and all the sectors and block balloting procedures will be complete shortly. Especially the Overseas and the General block the updated news that their possession will be started soon. The business square development procedures are also going speedily,

which will undoubtedly play an essential role in Pakistan’s economy in the near future. The Blue World City is an authentic and legal society that aims to fulfill the dream of making this city the world’s first purpose-built tourist destination. They strive to broaden this land by the outburst of the great news about establishing a sports vale with incredible features; stay tuned to get the latest updates about the BWC Development progress.

As Pakistan First and Asia largest purpose built tourist destination is moving towards the successful mission. The BWC 3rd entrance gate development procedure is going rapidly. The establishment of grand water tank in General block is completed. The street of general block of BWC is all lit up, the setting of the crush plants enhance the city beauty and the lush green boulevard seems the eye catching view for all visitors. The owner of the society Mr. Saad Nazir visited the site of BWC frequently to access and monitored the development progress.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Blue World City is a housing scheme, owned and developed by Blue Group Of Companies.

Blue World City is ideally located on the CPEC route near Chakri interchange and can directly be accessed from the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 motorway. Providing a luxurious lifestyle away from the hustle-bustle of city life, BWC is convenient to reach and located near Islamabad/Rawalpindi, as well as the new Islamabad international airport.

Blue World City is officially approved by RDA (Rawalpindi development authority) and the district council, therefore it is an entirely legal residential scheme.

Blue World City will strive to provide the best quality services to its residents, BWC will be responsible for continuous maintenance and necessary services required by the residents, such as an uninterrupted supply of water, gas, and electricity, 24/7 maintenance and security surveillance, smart gated community, mosque, health and education facilities and much more.

Blue World City’s team of professional engineers, designers, and architects is building the project and its development is gaining momentum with each passing day.

Blue World City offers

1) Secure and easy investment plan.
2) Modern amenities
3) Affordable prices
4) Maximum ROI
5) Serene Environment

Undoubtedly, blue world city is an excellent residential society where you can invest and live a lavish lifestyle with all the meticulous amenities in a safe and secure environment.

A blue world city seems to be the vast project which is situated near the Motorway M2, and from close to the new airport, their ultra-advanced development itself proves that it will be more successful in future.

The project developer of the blue world city is the Blue Group of companies. Mr. Saad Nazir owned this project which was developed with the cooperation of a well-known Shan Jian Municipal Company, a Chinese construction company.

This company was launched in 1989, and it is recognized as the of Pakistan’s top 5 development real estate companies. Its amazing ventures are developed and executed by the blue group of companies. The amazing blue technologies, blue Mart, Center Park Lahore, and blue town sapphire.

For the verification of the blue world city file, a different procedure can be applied.

  • The first one, you can contact us for the verification of the file of BWC registration.
  • The 2nd option: you can directly contact the management of blue world city for file verification.
  • The 3rd option: you may verify the file of blue world city online. Just open the website of Blue World City and go ahead.