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World's Tallest Horse Mascot Blue World City

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World’s Tallest Horse Mascots Blue World City

The creation of numerous world-famous structures began with the Blue World City, which is located on major Chakri Road. The designers and architects have begun developing the world’s most renowned Horse Mascot constructions. BWC plans to make it a tourist destination so that tourists from all over the world, including Pakistan, may marvel at the beautiful sight of these mascots.
The developers and management’s major objective is to make this housing society a tourism destination so that visitors from all over the world may come here to enjoy Pakistan’s charms.

The horse mascots will be illuminated at night to make them noticeable from a distance.
The Blue World City Horse Mascot will be accompanied by the largest brand of coffee, Second Cup Coffee, to entertain the tourists.

Size of the World’s Tallest Horse Mascot

Mascots will be the world’s highest sculpture, towering 125 feet above ground level and exceeding Scotland’s 30-meter-tall Kelpies, which draw tourists from all around the world. Horse Mascots will astound passengers with their towering presence, inspiring awe and amazement with a captivating impact, particularly at night when the illuminated sculptures will be seen from the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

High-End Features of Horse Mascot

  • Tallest Horse Mascot

    Not just one but creating two tallest horse mascots is a big achievement for the developers of this housing society. Yet, Blue World City is always pushing the boundaries. That is why 125-foot-tall monuments are being erected. They also plan to get it entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

  • Night Lit Feature

    The creation of these Horse Mascots is still ongoing, however, one mascot has been completed. The architects and designers did an outstanding job by adorning the mascots with high-intensity night lights that can be seen from a distance. The Horse Mascots may be seen from the M-2 Motorway thanks to the lacing of high-intensity light. As a result, the night view of the mascots is enthralling and magnificent for both residents and visitors.

  • Second Cup Coffee

    The Second Cup Coffee will be launched with the tallest horse mascots to make it an attractive and magnificent site for coffee lovers. Additionally, people spend their coffee time with a pleasant view of society. Families and friends will surely enjoy this place.

  • Art Museum

    In the basement of the mascot will be an art gallery for leisure time. Hence, you can visit the place and enjoy the crafts and arts of popular artists.


The Blue World City is constantly working on building the world’s famous replicas making the society worth living residential society. Blue World City is the first-ever purpose-built tourist in Pakistan helping the economic boost. The tallest Horse Mascot is the best place to visit due to its magnificent features.

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