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Overaseas Block - Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block provides upscale amenities to Pakistanis living abroad. Pakistanis living abroad who are interested in investing in real estate but do not know where to begin; we can help you with the Blue World City Overseas Block file verification and plot booking process. 

Aims to give its residents an upgraded lifestyle. It is a first-class investment opportunity, not just for foreign investors but also for locals. Reservations are secured only with a ten percent deposit, and the balance is due in 40 months or eight half-yearly (16 quarterly) payments.

The block offers a vast array of plot sizes ranging from 7 Marlas, 10 Marlas, 14 Marlas, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanals. Commercial plots are available at 5 Marla and 10 Marla. 

Blue World City Overseas Block Plan & Segments

BWC’s Overseas Block is a well-planned block with exceptional facilities. The developers are developing the block to international standards using the latest technology and equipment. 


Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block is divided into various segments to offer luxury real estate at a budget-friendly price. These segments include:

Plots Sizes of Blue World City Overseas Block:

Residential Plots in BWC Overseas Block:

7 Marla Plots in BWC Overseas Block

If you are looking for a spacious residential plot, the 7 Marla plot is the best choice. To get ownership of a plot, pay 1,925,000/-. You can obtain a plot by paying 4-year installments; for the block reservation, a 10% down payment should be paid. After a couple of months, you are supposed to pay the confirmation fee; after this, your installation process will start.

10 Marla Plots in BWC Overseas Block:

How much do you want in this enormous kingdom, 10 Marla residential plots just on the total amount of 2,680,000/-.Blue World City stands up on 3ps, price, place, and promotion. A venture’s triumph is like a grand slam, with the provision of numerous facilities.

14 Marla Plots in BWC Overseas Block:

The venture is especially established according to the taste of overseas Pakistani; the foreign culture has occurred with versatile ultra-modern and luxurious facilities. That’s why the management focuses on their living standard and provide a relaxed and peaceful environment. So, for them, it’s a cozy platform to enjoy the same series of residential perspectives for overseas Pakistanis. The organization also provides the total price for exposing 3,650,000, the facility of an installment; the down payment is just 280,000/-, the confirmation amount, it’s been easy to pay. Ok, your plot now.

1 Kanal Plots in BWC Overseas Block

What more you are dreaming of is the residential plot for sale in the overseas block. The management primarily designs the property to provide the residents a spacious land with mesmerizing views. The opportunity is on your doorstep; avail the chance.

2 Kanal Plots in BWC Overseas Block:

Time to get off the battered path and choose the tourist destination, Blue World City tourist destination. Where mesmerizing views make you feel alive, reserve the 2 Kanal plot for sale in Blue World City Islamabad. The spacious land with mind-blowing features, for plot deposit, must pay 616,000/-. The confirmation amount will become 385,000/-. What else do you want for the possession? The lump sum amount becomes 7,700,000/-.

Commercial Plots in BWC Overseas Block:

5 Marla Plots in BWC Overseas Block:

With Countless opportunities and a high return on Investment, the Blue world city provides lavish and modern commercial hubs. For your ease, commercial plots are also available on the Installments policy; the payment plan is broken down into down payment and the respective following steps for reservation of plot 750,000/-. You can become the possession wavier to pay 9,400,000/-.

10 Marla Plots in BWC Overseas Block:

On the Installment option, 10 Marla commercial plots are for sale in Islamabad, available on 1,400,000/- the down payment. The entire amount of 10 Marla plots is just 15,000,000/-. The amount will be scrambled down into a confirmation fee and divided into 40 Monthly installments.

Payment Plan

Blue World City Islamabad’s overseas block aims to give its residents an upgraded lifestyle. It is a first-class investment opportunity, not just for foreign investors but also for locals. The overseas block installment plans for Blue World City are as follows:

4 Year Payment Plan


Blue World City Overseas Block Amenities and Facilities:

The Overseas Block features a variety of amenities designed to enhance the lifestyle of its residents.
1. Health care and medical facilities consider essential.
2. Schools, Educational institutes play an essential role in a bright and prosperous future.
3. Gate community denotes the serenity of the community and different differs from others.
4. E-Tag mechanism and 24/7 Surveillance and security system ensure security.
5. For a relaxing mood presenting the Overseas Lagolub, enjoy the leisure time with family & friends.
6. The community has essential utilities such as Water, Electricity, and Gas 24/7. These are crucial for living a healthy and peaceful life.
7. Lush green parks and aesthetic views make you feel free from stress and the noisy hustle of life. The natural scenic views impact a healthy and relaxing sway in your life.
8. Shopping, how we forget the wonder full commercial hubs and international lump sum outlets that will surely make you’re shopping more exciting and delightful.

Why you should invest in Blue World City Overseas Block?

Blue World City is a leading name in real estate development. One of its components is the Overseas Block. The Overseas Block enhances the appeal of Blue World City. The overseas block is being developed according to international standards, and its surroundings are serene.

The core objective of this development is to offer a one-of-a-kind environment that every investor and resident desires. Here are a few of the top reasons for investing overseas that will change your mind: 

Prime Location

Blue World City is located close to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2) and the New Islamabad International Airport, making it an ideal location for overseas Pakistanis and their families. In addition to lush greenery, the project is surrounded by stunning roadways.

Commercial Area

Overseas Block residents enjoy an exclusive environment unique from the other Blocks. Commercial plots are offered at 5 Marla and 10 Marla at a premium location within the block. The commercial plots are readily accessible from all areas of the block.

Amenities of the highest quality

Residents of the Overseas Block will enjoy a high level of luxury amenities that will be considered a symbol of extravagant living. This project will be a milestone for other real estate developers in Pakistan and South Asia.

Benefits of BWC’s Overseas Block:


The verification of documents is a critical part of any housing project. It is imperative that investors carefully examine all plot information. The following methods can verify the price and registration of Blue World City Overseas Block files.

1) You can directly contact Blue World City head office for file verification & booking.

2) Blue World City’s online verification can be checked by visiting their website.

3) The booking & file verification process can also be completed by calling Blue World City’s contact number. The contact number can be obtained from their official website.

4) You can contact Brown Stone Marketing UAN: +92 331 1111045

Blue World City Overseas block balloting

Check Blue world City Balloting Result 2022 online on their Official Website.

To check the results of the ballot. Please enter the following information: Registration number: CNIC number: Search record.

It is highly recommended that overseas investors check out Blue World City Overseas and participate in the block balloting process as soon as possible due to its numerous advantages.


Blue World City Overseas Block is an excellent investment opportunity for foreign investors. Blue World City and Brown Stone Marketing provide overseas investors with a plot booking and file verification process that they can fully trust. Invest today for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle at an affordable price.