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Water Theme Park

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BWC Water Theme Park Overview

Blue World City is a project by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC). It is made under the consultation of renowned Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company which is located right next to the Chakri Interchange and the newly contemplated Rawalpindi Ring Road.  

Among all theme parks in Pakistan, it is one of the most significant projects being developed in Rawalpindi at very reasonable prices also, with online services that will ensure that you will not miss the opportunity to book what you desire. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance, and avail yourself of the property according to your desire.

Blue World City is not a small residential but it has many blocks offering

  • General Block
  • Overseas Block
  • Blue Hills Country Farms
  • Awami Villas
  • Blue World Economic Zone
  • Orbital Apartments
  • Low-Cost Awami Residential Complex

Apart from just these blocks, Blue World has decided to launch the biggest Blue World city water theme park in Islamabad, which brings more tourism to the capital of Pakistan. The only thing the city lacked was the water park amusement. Besides that, it is considered the most beautiful capital in the world.

Water Theme Park in Blue World City Islamabad

Water Theme Park Islamabad is one of the most breathtaking tourist attractions in BWC Islamabad which will allow people in the surroundings to get amused by its pools, water slides, and additional world-class 20 hot rides with children’s area and all the world’s famous fast food brands such as McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, and Pizza Hutt. This makes a family day out magnificent. The question arises will the water park provide amusement to the adults of the family? Indeed the water park provides amusement for everyone. The water park covers 70,000 square meters of hilly terrain with natural contours which adds a more exciting view to the hottest rides in the capital. This Water Theme Park is a huge project by Blue World City to boost tourism in the city to provide all the amenities to their guests once in a lifetime experience. Also, this initiative is taken by Mr. Humza Amir the director of Blue World City to deliver more job prospects to reinforce the economy of Pakistan. Through this project, enormous and huge investments are driven in Pakistan. Moreover, the financial sector of the nation is growing due to the pouring of investments outside the country.

Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology and Company Limited

They have partnered with Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd., a renowned and TUV-certified manufacturer in the water park equipment sector, ensuring high-quality and safe attractions.

  • Egypt Albatros Aqua Park
  • Vietnam VTTU amusement Park
  • Philippine seven seas water park
  • The Scenical World Thailand
  • China Dandong Jintang Water World
  • Suzhou Forest Water World
  • Yulin Diamond Bay water park

It is promised that this water theme park can be explored to attract visitors and ensure long-term success.

Qualified Professionals at Blue World City Islamabad

Safety comes first for everyone specially when it comes to amusement parks or theme parks etc. The very first question which arises when you talk about enjoyment along with safety, is it safe to ride at water park? Indeed it is. Competent and experienced individuals will work on water park Islamabad building. The experienced persons include an amusement park manager supervising all the operations. Above all the team of skilled and qualified workers will manage every construction and maintenance.

The development of water park provides job opportunities for locals, contributing to employment growth and economic development in the region.

Medical Crisis Unit for Fun Land Pakistan

In case of emergency, an intensive emergency aid facility is provided inside the park. Medical issues and all the threats are properly observed and  medical experts are hired including doctors, nurses and emergency aid staff. Injuries such as Quadriplegia and Paraplegia resulted due to a fall or slip are treatable. Slipping or tripping can result in drowning or other injuries. The management offers appropriate and prompt medical care in light of all the serious incidents.

Safety Measures at Water Park in BWC Islamabad

People visit the parks for amusement and thrilling fun but with good protection measures as such rides demand that. Consequently, parents want to ensure the complete safety of their children in case of any mishap. For this, a water park notification is launched which helps notify the water park management of any emergency. Furthermore, lifeguards are hired for water-related issues that monitor all activities completely.

Pakistan’s best water theme park prioritizes safety with the presence of trained professionals, emergency assistance, and safety measures throughout the park, ensuring a secure environment for visitors.

Ideal Gateway Destination

This amusement park in Islamabad covers a vast area with various attractions, including 20 world-class thrill coasters, children’s play areas, and renowned fast-food franchises, offering a wide range of entertainment options for visitors.

The Water theme park in the blue world city Islamabad makes itself an ideal spot for getaways and gatherings featuring luxuries like playing area for kids and all the renowned fast-food brands including McDonald’sKFC, Subway, Pizza Hut and others for an action-packed family day-out. The only Water themed park in Islamabad will be available to enjoy for all age groups and making its access easier it will be linked with many major housing societies. It’s going to be the first family water park amusement in Islamabad.


The leisure and fun to this extent are provided in Water theme park by only BWC Islamabad located at the most accessible location. Which can make your weekends and holidays worth it. It also encourages interactions with community and provides a wonderful picnic location away from the rush of a busy life. The Blue World City water theme park’s appealing attractions further encourage tourism. This is going to be the Best Water Theme  Park in the twin cities.

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