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Best Areas to Buy Property near Ring Road Rawalpindi

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Real estate investors are reaping the benefits of the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project Economic Corridor, commonly known as Rawalpindi Ring Road. The completion of this PKR 50 billion mega-infrastructure project is expected to enhance the value of the real estate in the area, especially in nearby housing societies. 

Rawalpindi Ring Road

Rawalpindi Ring Road is a 64-kilometer-long project essential to the twin cities. In addition to diverting the heavy traffic flow, the project will also contribute to economic development in the city through direct access to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and the Islamabad International Airport. 

A public-private partnership will construct Ring Road Rawalpindi in three phases. The project will feature a modern dry port, an international exhibition center, a well-equipped hospital, fruit and vegetable markets, a public transportation station, and a cattle market.

This project is considered a game-changer due to its geographical and strategic importance. Furthermore, constructing this six-lane road will enhance the value of properties around it, increasing the real estate market. Property prices near Rawalpindi Ring Road have already increased slightly in recent days.

Rawalpindi ring road will start at the Radio Pakistan building on National Highway 5 (GT Road) and merge with Margalla Road near the Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway interchange at Sangjani. Taking the M-1 motorway, Rawalpindi Ring Road will lead to the Islamabad International Airport and then follow the eastern route of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) initiative to reach Margalla Road and proceed to the Sangjani Interchange.

A total of eight interchanges will be located along the entire route. It is planned to construct interchanges on Rawalpindi Ring Road in Radio Pakistan, Khasala Khurd, Fateh Jang Road, Chakri, Hakla, and Sangjani. 

Investment Opportunities near Rawalpindi Ring Road 

 If you’re looking for investment opportunities near Rawalpindi Ring Road that offer maximum returns, here are some of the best real estate projects near it.


Many residential communities are currently under construction around the ring road. The approval and development of the Rawalpindi Ring Road will consequently increase their prices, and the demand for these plots may increase.

The following are some notable societies that will benefit from the Rawalpindi Ring Road:

  Housing society

  • Rudn Enclave
  • Capital Smart City
  • Bahria Phase VIII Ext
  • Blue World City
  • DHA phase 3

Bahria Town Phase 8 Ext

Located along Rawalpindi Ring Road, Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension offers lucrative investment opportunities for investors. Bahria Town’s projects have always been a favorite among local and foreign investors because of their state-of-the-art infrastructure and attention to detail. 

Bahria Town Phase 8 is located near Rawalpindi Ring Road on Adiala Road and Rawat Road. The area has witnessed a significant rise in property prices following the approval of Rawalpindi Ring Road, which will directly link Phase 8 Extension with Rawalpindi. The infrastructure, amenities, and amenities provided by Bahria Town phase 8 make it an excellent investment.

DHA Phase 3

 the upscale housing society of DHA Islamabad is one of the most desirable areas for property purchase in the twin cities. It is one of the region’s most significant real estate projects, providing top-notch amenities and facilities to its residents. This luxurious residential project is already very popular with domestic and foreign buyers. Thus, the completion of Rawalpindi Ring Road will only enhance the property value in DHA Islamabad, particularly in DHA Phase 3.

DHA Islamabad Phase 3 is one of the top investment opportunities near Rawalpindi Ring Road due to its excellent location and well-earned popularity. It is located opposite the well-established locality of DHA Phase 2 and was previously known as New Rawalpindi Housing Scheme. It has two entrances, one from Rawat on Main GT Road and another opposite DHA Phase 2 near Giga Mall. 

The development work in DHA Phase 3 is still ongoing, but the prices of plots in the development have significantly increased since the project’s launch. As a result, it is an ideal area for investors to invest in property near Rawalpindi Ring Road.

As with other phases of DHA Islamabad, DHA Phase 3 offers modern infrastructure, wide roads, mosques, green belts, parks, proper waste management, and various amenities. Once developed, the locality will also house educational institutes and hospitals, among other facilities.

Capital Smart City

The Capital Smart City project is located near the New Islamabad International Airport on the M2 motorway and offers prospective buyers a smart, modern, and secure lifestyle. The project is being carried out by Future Developments Holdings Pvt Ltd. and has been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, also known as RDA.

The Capital Smart City offers exceptional residential and commercial investment options with world-class amenities and facilities for buyers interested in buying property near Rawalpindi Ring Road. This housing scheme is equipped with modern drainage and sewerage systems, uninterrupted power supplies, CCTV surveillance systems with facial recognition systems, and a wide range of other features. 

As the eastern route of CPEC is being developed alongside the Capital Smart City, investors have expressed an interest in investing in the project. Capital Smart City is expected to further enhance its status as one of the most desirable housing societies in the twin cities following the approval of the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Blue World City

 Blue World City Islamabad is a modern and unique residential development. Also, the developers intend to offer their residents and investors a high-end living experience. BWC offers all the basic amenities and luxuries that investors and residents desire to attain a prosperous lifestyle. The location is also convenient to Islamabad International Airport, the M2 Motorway, and Adiala Road.

Moreover, the price range of this residential project is also very reasonable, making it a valuable investment opportunity.

There are eight interchanges on the ring road; the blue world city is located on the Rawalpindi ring road, which will enhance its accessibility. The location of the housing society close to the vital sites of the surrounding community will also benefit all residents and investors. 

 Rudn Enclave

 Rudn Enclave is a new residential development on Adiala Road in Rawalpindi. It is in an exceptional location since Rawalpindi Ring Road’s final alignment is planned through it, and Adiala Interchange is opposite its first entrance gate.

This housing scheme is taking full advantage of its location in terms of land value, ease of accessibility, and investment potential.

The Rudn Enclave is located adjacent to the Khasala Dam and consists of residential plots, commercial plots, and farmhouses. 

Regarding return on investment, Rudn Enclave offers a much higher percentage returns, it is currently available in easy installments with a nominal down payment. 


The investment in housing schemes on Adiala Road and Chakri Road can also be beneficial since these roads will have direct access to Rawalpindi’s Ring Road.

More About the Ring Road Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi Ring Road Location

Ring Road Rawalpindi’s new plan and map indicate that the road will begin in Rawat (near the Radio Pakistan Tower) and pass through Adiyala Road, Chak Beli, Murat, and Chakri Road. At the Thalian Interchange, this route will be connected to the M-2. The proposed Ring Road will benefit specific communities, including DHA Phase 2, Bharia Town, and DHA Phase 3. One can easily reach Rawat in just a few minutes through this route.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Advantages          

Rawalpindi Ring Road Design

Ring Road in Rawalpindi provides access to many areas. The road connects Rawat Rawalpindi to Adyala Road near Radio Pakistan via Bahria Town Phase 8 backside. Then it continues to the Sangjani interchange. There will be eight interchanges on Ring Road.

All interchanges cross through various areas, and they will all be serviced from the ring road. In addition, it crosses the Islamabad-Lahore and Islamabad-Peshawar Motorways. Therefore, access to the Motorway will be quick and easy.


Rawalpindi Ring Road Benefits

The government plans and executes every project for the benefit of the public. In this regard, the Government of Punjab designed Rawalpindi Ring Road, taking into account its many advantages, and they are as follows:




The ring road will be the primary connectivity means between the twin cities. The master plan will link various integral points in the town. Rawalpindi Saddar is located a few minutes away from the Radio Pakistan interchange on the ring road. As a result, residents of the area will be able to drive to the twin cities more efficiently than ever before.


The Rawalpindi Ring Road will also serve as an economic corridor for the country. By reducing traffic on the N-5, trucks carrying goods for trade can reach their destinations quickly. The ring road will improve transportation and reduce energy, time, and cost by serving as an economic corridor.

3. City development 

The construction of the Rawalpindi Ring Road will result in urbanization. Various rural and less developed areas of the city will be linked through the master plan to urbanize them to prosper to their full potential, such as the Motorway areas, the Chakri side, etc. Rawalpindi Ring Road will also help boost the development of upcoming under-construction residential projects in the twin cities.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Major Aspects

Rawalpindi Ring Road Phases


Since its announcement in 2008, the Rawalpindi Ring Road has been divided into phases. A description of each stage is provided below.

Phase 1

The Rawalpindi Ring Road was announced and planned more than a decade ago when the Punjab Province was ruled by the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q). Mr. Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi was Punjab’s chief minister at the time.

Rawalpindi Development Authority has been planning the ring road since 1997. Unfortunately, the project was never completed. Parvez Elahi’s government in Punjab conducted a new feasibility study in 2008 for Ring Road construction.

Previously, it was proposed that a private-public partnership be formed between foreign investors and the government to construct the ring road from Channi Sher Alam to Fateh Jhang next to the New Islamabad Airport. The project’s total length was 75km, and its total cost was estimated to be Rs 74 billion. Rawalpindi Development Authority changed the map and reduced the length to 54km.

These changes were made to minimize the project’s cost for the government to implement it using its resources. The Punjab government added ten new commercial and residential zones to the Rawalpindi Ring Road Economic Corridor (RRPEC).

Phase 2

The ring road under this phase (2010) was expected to be 70 km long and traverse all towns of Rawalpindi, allowing the rural areas to be connected with the town and cantonment. 

However, the authorities explored ways of reducing the project’s total cost. To minimize the project’s cost, it was suggested that the road’s width or length could be reduced. In doing so, however, the objectives set for Ring Road would not be met.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Current situation

Current Phase

In December 2021, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved the Rawalpindi Ring Road project. The project was approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC), chaired by the Advisor for Finance and Revenue, which included the construction of the main road from Baanth (N-5) to Thallian (M-2).


The project was approved on the condition that the Planning Commission approves the project and the Axle Load Management regime is included. The project is estimated to cost Rs 23.6 billion. Rawalpindi Ring Road has a total length of 38.3 km, approved by the present government. It will have six lanes. 

Current phase route

The ring road route will start at National Highway (N-5) at Baanth (Rawalpindi district), pass through Chakbeli Road, Adyala Road, Chakri Road, and end at Motorway M-2 at Thallian Interchange.

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