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BWTC Blue World Trade Center

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What actually the BWTC is:

Blue World Trade Center (BWTC) is a prosperous and high-rise business center that opens the doors to new opportunities and development for business, trade, and investors. BWTC is the first property exchange tower that takes business, employment, shopping, and real estate to the next level. The twin tower of BWTC in Rawalpindi Islamabad is like gold dust for real estate and property sales partners. Its mega-plex and top-notch structure provides business, trade, shopping, entertainment, and work under the same roof. Due to its strategic location, BWTC will be the most demanding and visited place of the twin cities because its site is accessible from all main routes. This largest business hub is Pakistan’s first more accommodated and facilitative hub that is beneficial for local and foreigner brands at the same time.


Construction of BWTC:

Blue Group of Companies is the owner of the BWTC project. The construction of Blue World is a new introduction to the world of real estate. BGC-IGC Consortium has emerged as one of the most optimal and diversified developers in Pakistan that has introduced mega residential and commercial projects with an identity of its own.

The vision of BWC behind this project is to stimulate the opportunity for investment for the people seeking capital gain and business development. Similarly, the twin tower’s location will provide ease to the cooperative workers and the families and friends to spend their quality time in a joyful and luxurious place. 


Veteran Location makes the BWTC more Worthy:

Pertaining to business and investment, location is the only focus. Location remains the top priority of the investors and businessmen who want to yield the best. Therefore, Blue World Trade Center’s location is considered best in terms of the economic growth of Pakistan. Twin Tower replica is locate at the main GT Road adjacent to Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad. This location is easily accessible from all major and easy routes of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Furthermore, its closeness to the Islamabad Expressway, Blue World Trade Center is also accessible from the side areas like Bhara Kahu. World Trade Center location map is available on Google maps which is more convenient and clear to understand the strategic location of the twin tower location.

Business and Entertainment in BWTC

Blue World Trade Center is a complex high-rise skyscraper that facilitates its visitors and employees with several amenities provided under the same roof. The twin tower’s main entertainment stops are the versatile food courts, national and multinational outlets, brands, corporate offices, and many shopping stations.

BWTC offers an excellent opportunity to sales partners to get commercial properties on rent or purchase in high-rise towers of twin cities. World Trade Center will provide plush interiors and perfectly crafted corporate spaces for sale. This is a golden chance to avail of the shops in Rawalpindi and Islamabad for sale and rent. Besides this, shops and offices for rent and sale are also available in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Sales partners and investors can avail of this opportunity by contacting or visiting the available or mentioned sites or contacts.

What is Commercial Property in BWTC:

Commercial property is real estate usually refers to buildings that house businesses, but it also relate to land used to generate a profit and large residential rental properties. It is used for business activities.

Commercial property includes malls, grocery stores, offices, industrial estates, manufacturing shops, and more.

Commercial real estate property is used exclusively for business-related purposes or to provide a workspace rather than a living space, which would constitute residential real estate. Blue World Trade Center is a real estate property hub that offers the sale of commercial property in Rawalpindi Islamabad. Besides this, it also provides commercial property for rent in twin cities.

Commercial real estate property in Rawalpindi and Islamabad is managed by several companies. Brown Stone is one of the leading companies that work multiple commercial real estate property projects simultaneously.

Why Investment in Commercial Property:

Ask yourself why you are investing money in this project.

Investment in commercial property is risky. But some factors may help understand the pros and cons of investing in commercial property. It is more beneficial to boost the economic sector, improve trade and Business, and provide helpful deals to local and foreign investors. The primary purpose of commercial property is Business and investment. Trade and business promotion are the main focus of commercial property.

Types of Commercial Properties in BWTC:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Shops and Cafes
  • Hyper-Mart
  • Restaurants
  • Loft Apartments
  • Business Sectors
  • Multi-national Grocery and convenience stores
  • Outdoor Cafes
  • Meeting Spaces
  • Local and International Clothing Brands
  • Banks and ATMs
  • Play Area and Entertainment
  • Clean Food Courts
  • Safe Car Parking

Buy or Sale Commercial Property Through BWTC:

Commercial properties are growing fast in Pakistan. The investment, buying, and sale trend of commercial property is at its peak. Commercial property is quite profitable in Pakistan. Pakistan is the 5th largest populated country and is developing fast in residential societies. Therefore, in the present era, the growth of commercial property is a need of Pakistan. Blue World Trade Center provides this opportunity for investors to buy and sell commercial properties in twin cities. Before investing in getting value for your money, you need to fathom what you desire or what you want to do. BWTC is like a home that fits your investment needs.


The BGC-IGC consortium takes business and commerce to the next level with Pakistan’s first vertical commercial Twin Tower in Rawalpindi Islamabad. Being a mixed-use tower, it includes all facilities which can be a need of an investor. The vision of the Blue World Trade Center is to uplift the real estate business and shove trade and industry in Pakistan. BWTC is going to elevate the economic sector of the country. Besides this, the loft apartments and commercial residential will be helpful for the community as well. provides you with the details of all commercial and residential projects of the Blue Group of Companies. Please visit our website or contact our trusted retailers.

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