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Blue World Trade Center - Amenities & facilities

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Blue World Trade Center BWTC Features

Everyone wishes to live in a peaceful environment. Only some societies provide such benefits to their residents as Blue World City is providing. The Blue World Trade Center is one of Pakistan’s most brilliant architectural high-rise buildings, serving as a portal to the real estate and business worlds. Blue World Trade Center amenities and facilities are being provided under one roof, which makes services more reliable, simple, and efficient. BWTC is one of the most attractive business hubs in the Twin Cities. Because of this, people will take a lot of interest in such societies.
Furthermore, the bwtc features to benefit the country’s economy, particularly genuine estate movers, brands, and pertinent merchandise. As a result, constructing a domain business center in Pakistan in the form of a combined, innovative structural design with every attribute and facility increases the value and usefulness of the building in the Blue World Trade Center.
The Twin Towers will provide opportunities and associations to anyone looking for real estate evaluation. People can enjoy a variety of features and amenities in one location. Restaurants, workplaces, loft apartments, and entertainment are all available under one roof. Similarly, the BWTC’s design incorporates amusement services to fulfill its commitment to Pakistan’s first visitor city. As a result, blue world trade center amenities and facilities will make it a huge success.

Deliberate Location of BWTC

Before investing, every financier thinks about the feasibility of the location. Blue World Trade Center is in the core of the Twin Cities. As seen on the Blue World City Trade Center map, the G.T. byway’s connection with the Islamabad Freeway makes this innovative panoramic trade easily accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The fact that the Bahria Community Hospital is close by is a plus. The residential property is within walking distance of the Giga Shopping Center and the Lignum Tower. In addition to the contiguous locations, Blue World City Office is easily placed around the block to manage operations and Blue World City Trade Center.

Accessible Locations to Blue World Trade Center Features

  • It is smug amid the Islamabad expressway and other high-speed roads. 
  • It’s only a 2-minute drive from Bahria Town Hospital.
  • A 10-minute drive away from the computer resort.
  • Rawalpindi Train Terminal is 15 minutes away.
  • It is only a short drive from Islamabad International Airport.

Petronas Towers – Blue World Trade Center

The Blue World Trade Center is modeled after the PETRONAS twin towers in Malaysia. BWTC is given the name “skyscrapers.” From 1998 to 2004, Urban Habitat and Tall Building named it the world’s tallest structure. BWTC Developers aspire to take real estate to new heights. It is a large project that experienced developers will undertake.
The Blue World Trade Center’s headquarters are located on the second floor. Business services are available on the 23rd floor—a skywalk designed to connect both towers. Parking reservations are available in the three-story cellar at BWTC.

Blue World Trade Center Amenities and Facilities

  1. Vast parking area
  2. Immense prayer area
  3. Outdoor cafes
  4. Loft Apartments and Hotel Accommodations
  5. Shopping Malls & Entertainment centers
  6. ATM & Banks
  7. High-speed elevator
  8. 24/7 Power supply
  9. Grocery and retail stores
  10. Pharmacies and Cosmetic stores

The BWTC Amenities and Facilities are listed below:

Vast Parking System

The project provides a dedicated parking space for its patrons and business investors. Basements 1 and 2 have also been designated explicitly for this purpose. 

Immense Prayer Area in Blue World Trade Center

BWTC provides visitors and employees to perform their religious activities in the building without leaving it. Separate prayer areas are designed for males and females. 

Outdoor Cafes

Eating out can be a lot of fun. We enjoy going out to dinner with friends, going on dates, and throwing parties at restaurants to commemorate special occasions. BWTC is a commercial hub with a food court with indoor and outdoor cafes, allowing you to enjoy pleasant weather and a joyful experience. 

Shopping Malls

The lower levels of the trading center will solely include retail establishments, per the building’s architecture. 

ATM and Banks

In this banking era, it is much easier to withdraw or pay with a debit card. So, for this, BWC added this BWTC facility that made it easier for the people as the banks and ATMs are within the building. 

24/7 Power Supply

BWTC provides a 24/7 non-stop power supply to its visitors and staff. Also, this will be very beneficial for the businesses being opened there.

Grocery Store

BWTC will include a luxurious and outstanding hyper-mart providing an impressive grocery experience.

Retail Store

BWTC supports local and international retailers as part of its business to evolve local brands in the shopping traffic. Several local and international brands include many other 500 shopping, food, and entertainment outlets. These outlets include local and international clothing brands, food chains, hypermarkets, entertainment areas, restaurants, and cafes.

Pharmacies and Cosmetics Store

Approachable and convenient pharmacies are most preferred these days. The Twin Towers also include pharmacy and cosmetics which is the primary needs of people.


The BWTC, Pakistan’s first twin tower building, intends to attract high-end clients and customers. Blue Group of Companies is conveniently located in the city center and is expected to draw a lot of attention due to the BWTC Amenities and facilities. Because of its location on G.T. Road, it is close to all commercial and residential areas, including DHA, Bahria Town, and Gulrez Housing Society. These features and amenities are worth everything in the town.