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10 Marla Plot for sale in Islamabad

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Brief Introduction

The Capital Territory of Pakistan proudly stands in the second spot among the most beautiful capitals across the globe. Islamabad is a planned city built in the 1960s, exuding a systematic dissection of its total area into eight zones. It flaunts a modern and secure lifestyle coupled with picturesque views. Islamabad enjoys serene landscapes throughout the city as the capital sits in the lap of Margalla Hills. Plentiful greenery, smooth and extensive infrastructure, high-end amenities, alert police, and security are the main value-adding features of the metropolitan.  

Islamabad Real Estate Offers Best ROI:  

Islamabad being a business hub is a city that is studded with companies of all sizes. Locals strongly believe in “time is money” because surely it is when it comes to Islamabad. From better job opportunities to a higher rate of successful startups, yielding increased return on investment from real estate to stocks, Islamabad turns dust into gold.

Return on Investment (ROI):

Return on Investment (ROI) on real estate is the profit generated from land or building by means of appreciation of property value or rental income. Islamabad manages to cater the highest return on investment throughout Pakistan majorly because of its ideal location, rich reputation and unbeatable ambiance.

Good Return on Investment (ROI):

Let’s consider the elements that contribute chiefly to a good return on investment:

  • Location
  • Type of property
  • Property’s condition          


The biggest factor affecting a real estate’s return on investment is its location. If the property is easily accessible through multiple routes, it will enhance its worth and returns eventually. On the contrary, if the property is located in a remote or uncivilized area, it will fail in producing a good return on investment.

Furthermore, the access to basic facilities like hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants, etc. adds up to the value of the property. The cherry on the cake, if your property is situated in a lush green serene area, it is bound to make amazing returns. Each factor mentioned above is embodied by Islamabad effortlessly.

Type of Property:

Listed below are the different types of property:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Special purposes (offices, recreational spots, etc.)
  • Mixed-use

One type of property serves a completely different purpose than the other so does its return on investment generating mechanism. For example, commercial property is usually bought and sold at higher rates than residential because of the undertaking of business activities on the premises. Meanwhile, revenue from residential property is passive in the form of rent so its returns are lower as compared to commercial property. 

Property’s Condition:

A bad-conditioned property will require a huge investment in order to bring it to an acceptable level. So the acquisition of such property is questionable, to begin with, let alone the question of returns. As opposed to this, chic property with upgraded amenities will capture the undivided attention of investors.    

A Platter of 10 Marla Plots in Islamabad:  

In this blog, we will serve you a platter of 10 Marla plots in Islamabad up for sale in its best housing societies. Islamabad has always been the developers’ favorite location. Numerous stunning housing projects are based in Islamabad. We will pick out The Top 5 of them and provide all the relevant information for interested readers about 10 Marla plots for sale in Islamabad.

Park View City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad

7 Wonders City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad:  

CDA-approved Park View City Islamabad is located in zone IV of Islamabad. This futuristic housing scheme is planned and designed by the contemporary architects of The Vision Group. Park View City Islamabad is decorated in a manner to integrate the lush green surroundings of Islamabad with state-of-the-art amenities to ensure the finest lifestyle.

Park View City Islamabad Location:

Based opposite Bahria Enclave, Park View City Islamabad location gives its residents efficient access to the entire Islamabad. Listed below are the connectivity links to Park View City Islamabad:

  • Driving past Bahria Enclave and Bani Gala, Park View City Islamabad can be reached within a 5 mins drive.
  • From Serena Hotel, a 15 mins short journey will take you to the gorgeous Park View City Islamabad. 
  • A brief 1 min walk from Botanical Garden will get you to Park View City Islamabad.

10 Marla Park View City Plot for Sale:

If you are planning to buy a 10 Marla plot in Park View City Islamabad, you can find your options in the captivating A, B, Terrace-C, F, H and J Blocks, together with Golf Estate and Overseas Block.

Park View City plot for sale delivers maximum return on investment across Islamabad. Park View City payment plan is extended over a period of 1 year with a 25% down payment and 4 quarterly installments. Details of Park View City payment plan are laid out below:

Park View City Payment Plan:

Blue World City Islamabad:

Situated on Chakri Road, Blue World City Islamabad is an RDA approved luxurious housing society. Mr. Saad Nazir, founder and CEO of the Blue Group of Companies (BGC), is the owner and developer of Blue World City Islamabad. As BGC holds a reputable name across the country in the architecture and construction industry, the name of the owner brings mighty credibility to the overall reputation of Blue World City Islamabad.  

10 Marla Blue World City Plot for Sale:

Blue World City plot for sale stock holds various 10 Marla investment opportunities in its distinctive blocks. Each block holds a unique meaning and purpose thus enabling residents to enjoy the enriched beauties of life.

Blue World City payment plan is meticulously spread over a span of 4 years and broken down into a down payment, 40 monthly installments and 8 semi-annual payments. Conclusively, the flexibility and ease of Blue World City payment plan is a win factor for the society.

Interested to dig into 10 Marla choices you have in the lush Blue World City Islamabad? Check out the specifics below:  

Blue World City Payment Plan:

Nova City Islamabad:

Owned and developed by Nova City Developers, Nova City Islamabad is marked near M-14 Motorway neighboring New Islamabad Airport. Mr. Junaid Afzal, owner, and chairman of Nova Group is a well-established figure in the realm of real estate. The NOC of Nova City Islamabad is officially approved by Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) and Fateh Jhang Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA).

Diverse accessibility to Nova City Islamabad is an outstanding feature of the society. The proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, CPEC route, M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway and new Islamabad airport are the nearby linking streams to the society.  Nova City vouches to bring a dream-like lifestyle to life. The consistent determination and endless efforts of the developers have paved the utmost trust and triumph for them in the eyes of the investors.

10 Marla Nova City Plot for Sale:

Nova City Islamabad delivers an extensive variety of plots in the heart of the country. Both residential and commercial Nova City plot for sale are available in market. The affordability of Nova City Islamabad, being an NOC approved society, is yet another appealing factor to the investment enthusiasts.

Nova City Islamabad payment plan is stretched over 4 years and split into a down payment, 40 monthly installments and 8 semi-annual payments. Nova City Islamabad carries a 10-Marla plot in only one of its blocks namely The Overseas Block. The total price is over 4.1 million PKR, a down payment of 830k PKR, 40 monthly installments of 49,999 PKR, and 8 semi-annual payments of 165k PKR to formulate the whole Nova City payment plan for the 10 Marla plot.       

Nova City Payment Plan:

Capital Smart City Islamabad:

Known for being the first ever “Smart City” of Pakistan, Capital Smart City Islamabad has taken the real estate industry by storm since its incorporation. The grand tags of The Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited and Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited as the owners of the Capital Smart City Islamabad gave reliable wings to the society cashing nods of countless investors.

Placed on Chakri Road, Capital Smart City Islamabad is accessible through M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway through Thaliyan junction and new Islamabad airport. The No Objection Certificate (NOC) has formally been approved by Rawalpindi District Authority (RDA).

10 Marla Capital Smart City Plot for Sale:                    

The sections of the 10 Marla Capital Smart City plot for sale are available in four different blocks namely Executive, Overseas, Overseas Prime, and Overseas Prime II Block. Capital Smart City payment plan is scheduled as follows:  

  • Executive and Overseas blocks cover a period of 3 years and constitute a down payment, confirmation and 12 quarterly installments.
  • Overseas Prime and Overseas Prime II blocks are shredded over a time span of 3 ½ years and are made up of a down payment, confirmation, 42 monthly installments, and 7 semi-annual payments.

Capital Smart City Payment Plan:

3-year Payment Plan:

 3 ½ Year Payment Plan:

7 Wonders City Islamabad:

Came forward with a vision to bring replicas of the seven architectural miracles from around the globe to single gated bounds, 7 Wonders City Islamabad is a wonder in itself. The owner of this project is Global Finance Services (GFS). They carry decades of premium status in the construction industry. 7 Wonders City Islamabad is based on CPEC Road extending its connectivity to M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway, Fateh Jhung Road and the new Islamabad airport. The NOC of this project is in process and will soon be granted by Fateh Jhung Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA).  

10 Marla 7 Wonders City Plot for Sale:

7 Wonders City Islamabad presents plots in its General Block in mainly three sizes i.e. 5, 7, and 10 Marlas. If you are interested in booking your 10 Marla plots in this housing scheme, this is a great opportunity for you as the rates are pretty affordable as of now.

7 Wonders City Payment Plan:    

7 Wonders City Payment Plan is allocated to 4 years and subdivided into a down payment, confirmation, 40 monthly installments, 8 semi-annual payments and possession charges.

Block Total Price Down Payment Confirmation 40 Monthly Installments 8 Semi-annual Payments Possession Charges  (15%)
General 3,500,000 350,000 175,000 24,500 183,750 525,000


This blog lists The Top 5 major housing societies of Islamabad which are guaranteed to yield an extraordinary return on investment. Payment plans of these societies are gathered under the umbrella of this blog to save our readers from the hassle of scrolling content on multiple websites. So carefully go through the details of each payment plan scheduled above to find which 10 Marla plot works best for you! Reach us out today via our website and socials to get your booking with us. 

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