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Blue World Trade Center Master Plan

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Blue World Trade Center Master Plan

BWTC Master Plan: Trade, Business, and shopping all in one spot Pakistan’s first trading skyscrapers contain all facilities and commodities that help local and international traders grow their businesses. BWTC is Pakistan’s most sought-after and head-turner project, opening the doors of trade and commerce opportunities. It is the gold mine opportunity that makes your business more accessible and practical.
The idea is to create a real estate business hub in Pakistan as a mixed-use, innovative building architecture with all amenities and services that contribute to company comfort and efficiency.
BWTC not only caters to the needs of business structure and commercial outlets but also for entertainment purposes. Developers are planning to construct entertainment facilities to fulfill their promises of Pakistan’s tourist city. The recreational centers and food courts for everyone. According to the Blue World Trade Center master plan, it is to pursue cooperating destinations specifically for the real estate industry, outlets, and their concerned business.

Idyllic location:

Before investing in any real estate sector, investors should consider the pros and cons. In contrast, the BWTC Twin Towers in Rawalpindi Islamabad location indicate that this venture will play a significant role in the economic sector of both cities. It is conveniently accessible from Grand Trunk Road, and all of the twin cities’ prominent business zones are only a few minutes away from the BWTC. The project will promote the best eco-friendly activities inside the city, ready for the stake holding objectives of both prospective procurers and speculators alike.

Replica of PETRONAS Tower:

This twin trade tower structure will be a duplicate of PETRONAS tower, also known as PETRONAS twin replica, built to international standards. It will be a 27-story tower with two halves. Parking will be reserved in the three-story basement according to Blue world trade Center skywalk will be available for these; twin towers tied up by a bridge. Blue world city’s head office will be originated on the second floor of BWTC.

BWTC Master Plan and Project Details:

The consortium takes the commerce industry to the next level with Pakistan’s first property exchange tower, providing gold mine opportunities. Business twin tower is a mixed-use sought-after building with all amenities and resources. To make the business functionality more luxurious and accessible, the essential features are:

Corporate offices:

BWTC provides employees with a clean corporate structure. The management offers fully ventilated, and central air conditioning for employee comfort, and the trade center will provide employee workspace with Wi-Fi. Individual workstations, offices, and cubicles will be available in the cooperate office. The control offers a spacious lounge room where staff can relax during break time.

Glamorous Shopping mall:

BWTC master plan includes spacious outlets with plush interiors. The first three floors of this fantastic commercial center will consist of shopping malls. These shops for sale have an electrifying ambiance that supplements your shopping spree by offering top-notch local and international brands. The organization is also planning to open game centers and cinemas in the center to attract the masses. 

Food courts:

The skyscraper aims to offer the fantastic lavish facility of restaurants, especially for the foodies, to enjoy luxury and flexibility in one spot. Luxurious restaurants and food courts are open to provide excellent dining restaurants and cafeterias. The business hub will benefit from the building’s restaurant services, giving elegance and flexibility.

How BWCT Master Plan is different from others?

With the provision of desirable amenities, why would you not want to invest in a project with so much potential to become the best many? There are countless reasons for you to own a space in this lavish structure. The following reasons are:

End Notes:

Brownstone Marketing offers you the finest investment option; grab this great opportunity and profitably get ROI. Stay alert! To get more updates about the BWTC business hub, reach us at and contact us at UAN: 0331-1111045

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