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Offices & Shops in Blue World Trade Center

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Blue World Trade Center Overview

The Blue World Trade Center will be the strong tower in the twin cities of Pakistan after the Giga Mall, Centaurus, and Safa Gold Mall. The tower is a tall, 29-story building with multiple amenities and facilities under one roof Blue Group Company. The development includes a shopping mall, corporate offices, and residential apartments. 

Blue World Trade Center offers very flexible payment plans. One can easily buy offices and shops in BWTC. Blue World Trade Center shops and offices can be reserved with a 25% down payment and the balance paid over four years in installments. 

Kuala Lumpur’s Towers Replica

The Blue World Trade Center is a scale model of the PETRONAS twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The term “skyscrapers” was given to them. From 1998 to 2004, it was declared the highest building on the planet by Urban Habitat and Tall Building. It is a large project that qualified developers will undertake. Blue World Trade Center Developers aims to elevate the real estate industry.

The replica will consist of two parts of a 23-story tower. A skywalk is available between the two buildings, linked by a bridge. 


The Blue World City is at a very feasible location, making it stand out among the other new ventures. It is accessible from multiple main junctions of the Twin Cities, developing the interest of investors in the Blue World Trade Center. BWTC is accessible from GT Road, Bahria town, the civic center, Rawalpindi ring road, Giga mall, and Lignum Tower and also meets with Islamabad expressway offering residential and industrial ventures within the society. 

BWTC Obtainability


      • Bahria Riding Club

      • Bahria Hospital

      • Ayub National Park 

      • Pearl Continental (PC)

      • Rawalpindi Railway Station

      • Islamabad International Airport

      • Islamabad Motorway

      • Close to GT Road

      • Entry Point on Main Chakri Road

      • BWTC is accessible from Adiala Road


    Following is the Blue World Trade Center’s floor-wise breakdown.

    Categories of Floor Allocated Sectors
    Basements 1 & 2 Dedicated Car Parking
    Lower Ground, Ground & 1st Floor Shopping Mall
    2nd Floor Food Court & Play Area
    3rd Floor Services Storey
    4th till 16th Floor Corporate Offices
    17th Floor Executive Chamber Offices
    18th till 22nd Floor Corporate Offices
    23rd & 24th Floor Loft Apartments
    25th Floor Services Storey

    Payment Plan


        1. The booking requires a 25% down payment.

        1. 10% of expenditure is for construction start-ups.

        1. The spending for floor completion is 10%.

        1. The cost of the grey structure is 25%.

      Offices in Blue World Trade Center

      The corporate offices are well-planned and built with high-quality materials and with neat and clean environment. The offices are located on the fourth through twenty-first floors. They will also offer a lounge room where employees can relax during their break. Your leisure time will be enhanced by the entire workstation, conference room, Meeting room, cafeteria, and food court. Wi-Fi will be a plus for the employees. The sizes of these offices range from 635 to 1308 square feet.  

      Shops in Blue World Trade Center

      Rawalpindi has many shopping malls, but they are scattered throughout the city, which makes shopping an uneasy process. To make the shopping process easy and enjoyable, Blue World Trade Center has in store all the trademarks. 

      Blue World Trade Center is a cluster of shops for sale as an enormous investment opportunity. This state-of-the-art infrastructure and architectural design offer the best and most affordable pricing plan with a 4-year installment package. This grand shopping mall has an electrifying ambiance that adds to the allure of your shopping spree—here; you’ll find all the handcrafted-to-perfection shops for sale in Islamabad. This investment will become fruitful in the future for those who risk it today for a better future.


      Blue World Trade Center is the future biggest business hub. The towers will be a marvelous trading hub for the investors, such as shopping brands and offices. Right now, multiple offices and shops in BWTC are for sale. Take your chance and grab this superb opportunity for better and more rewarding results. 

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